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What is the bravest thing you've ever done? Would you do it again?

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  • ну как какой, конечно же когда женился)))) но вот повторить его я вряд ли смогу

  • Reading the Twilight books sober?

    O-kay, seriously I can think of a couple of things. I guess I would pick the lighter version: fighting off my bullies in 7th grade. Not my bravest moment, but the one of the bravest and most fun to tell.

    See, when I was a kid my mother had this brilliant idea of giving me an ultra short haircut and not telling me about it. I went to the chair exited thinking that I was getting my shoulder lenght hair, which I had been asking for years. The stylist took her scissors, grabbed a nice handful of hair and cut just above my eyes.

    I stood frozen, twitching sligthly not believing it. Then I yelled bloody Mary. I wanted to snatch her scissors and cut her hair instead.

    My mother ran over and told me to calm down. "It's the latest trend," she said. I wanted to say "I don't fucking care! You guys ruined my hair," but there wasn't anything I could do. What's done it's done so I let them be done.

    Next day everyone was shocked but nobody said much. I was mostly a loner and by that year was my first time without my best friend. I spent most time in the library reading and sometimes spending time as an outsider with some groups. That afternoon was some of those days.

    I learned something about my hair that afternoon: frizzy hair gets worst when it doesn't have curls to pull it down. Double if it's dry and you spent some time running under the tropical sun. My hair became my own personal nightmare, but still nobody said anything about it. Bell rang and we went to science class.

    The teacher said, "Ok, class open to page 134" and so we did. Once I saw the subject all the air in the room went away. Truly life has a cruel sense of humor, there went my inner voice when I notice everyone had the same collective thought. The subject was mushrooms; that was my nickname from now on.

    It was specially horrible because the one leading the assault was somebody I thought a friend. I knew about his obsession with The titanic (I had found him info, pics and a poster to help him out), we had played cards, let him visit me at home and I helped him with his homework. For years he had bothered everyone except me because I was his friend.

    I wasn't used to being bullied-- pushed, called names, tripped-- and I didn't know what to do. I felt like I had a constant bull's eye in my back and it was distressing. I couldn't even visit my library in peace or tell. I just wanted to die, but I endured in silence for months.

    The only one who didn't really bothered me was a friend that I'll call Tommy. Tommy was actually his friend and mine. He had a few learning/speaking dissabilities and I always treated him with kindness when others teased him so he returned the favor when it came to me. It was the closest thing to a friend that I had at the time.

    When months later, just as teachers were changing classrooms, my bully tried to get him involved with bullying he said "No, I won't! Shaolina's my friend." Something in me snapped when I heard that. I was not only his friend, but my bully's. All this time I've been kind to everyone and they just took turns now spitting on me. How dare they and how dare him-- Mr. I have Leonardo D'Caprio in my wall, please don't tell anyone-- torture me so. Well, forget that!

    I took my heavy math book and threw it head on to his back. Everyone turned seeing me clawing at my desk, nostrils flared. I could get in so much trouble at school for fighting. I could get in so much trouble at home for fighting. I could get in so much trouble with everyone for fighting. I couldn't care less.

    I pushed my desk making a loud clang sound against the others. I started taking everything in sight and throw it at him indiscrimitetaly, My weapon of choice being the desks and math books. Everyone stayed to the sidelines, mouth open, not helping him at all. I was on berserker mode, it had taken a lot to take me there and almost everyone there deserved this beating.

    The teacher showed up and I didn't care. I finally tripped him and sat on top of him with a math book: his. I beat the living crap out of him, didn't pull back on every swing. It was invigorating to finally let out; strike by strike I felt my heart come back. He had made me feel so worthless and now I had enough corage to tell him of. "Who's mushroom now?! Who's mushroom now?!"

    After around 10 minutes I finally stopped. I wanted to cry at that point, but didn't. The teacher kneel down; it was time to face the music.

    "Do you feel better?" she asked.

    I nodded.

    "Are you done?"


    She stood up and helped me up. She then  faced the class and said, "All right, everyone fix the classroom, pick up your books and turn to page 187."

    Everyone was shocked, and I was too. She didn't send me to the principal's office. My bully didn't tattle on me either. I guess "Yeah, the goody-two-shoes, straight-A, passive girl on my class beat the daylight out of me after months of intense bullying" wouldn't do well for him. Tommy actually high-fied me for that, the class never called me mushroom again and my bully went back to friend mode next day. If I had known this I would have knocked him out sooner and save myself all my misery. 

    So yeah, I faced my bully and got my life back. I would absolutely do it again at the first chance I got. That was pretty brave of me considering my personality at that age.

  • The braviest thing that I've ever done when I need to go to a high place in Forest Hil. I am afraid of heights and especially when I look down I think I could fall. But because we really need to go their I was obliged and just think of being brave in facing my fear and I nearly fell but thans to my classmates they where their to support me. I don't think I would do it again but it depends if I really have to.
  • I stood up to my abusive big brother and almost got something broken if my mother and sister did not interfere.

  • перевернула жизнь с ног на голову....
    теперь я смогу все, но надеюсь больше это не понадобиться...

  • Родился ...
    Повторить не смогу ... как бы не хотел ... )))

  • I told my mom there was this guy I liked... 

    and it took all my strength  to do it. PROMISE! And yes, I'd gladly to do it again. It's such a breather and a stress-reliever. :D


  • Я не скажу сейчас какой поступок я совершил! Но теперь вспоминаю и удивляюсь, скорее всего повторить я его не смогу.
  • Facing tomorrow, that would be the bravest so far. Tomorrow would be my deadliest time but i still dont have the amount of money i need to pay my debts due that day. I trust in God that He will never leave me, i have to face this, thats what He said, though things arent going/coming as they way i want it, well things dont really always come as the way you expect or want but i still hope and believe that God is here, inside my heart. He has not forgotten me, He will never. Lord i entrust you everything. I thank You in advance for whatever Im going to accomplish that day/tomorrow.
  • I asked a guy out. In my opinion, that is pretty damn brave. Asking someone out is scary, and I know that I'm not alone in feeling this way. Like many people, I don't ask guys out, but I want to change this about myself, so I'm going to try and make an effort to not be so damn scared and insecure. Of course I'd prefer it if a guy asked me out, but the reality is, guys don't ask me out, so it's either be celibate and miserable, or do something about it. It's up to me to ask guys out. Who knows if I actually will ask guys out, though, but I want to. Why is it so damn hard to talk to people to whom you're attracted to, and ask them out?
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