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Me, myself, and I

Which one word would you use to describe yourself, and why?

Answers (842)

  • романтик. Чому? Бо так і є))

  • Осёл! я такой же упрямый во всех смыслах )))

  • Weird <--- I can't think of any other description that would possibly match me. Even though to be honest a lot of people also call me a "Monkey" because I climb trees and stuff a lot. But I'll stick with weird because people call me that a lot . =)

  • бычка

  • Determined. Cause I don't give up. That can be a good thing or not since I'm a little on the stubborn side but well one wor is short:)

  • стремление- ибо стремление безупречно.

  • Complicated...  And not in a good way...

    I feel like I think too much and my head is a tornado of unorganized thoughts/opinions going at an average of 70 mph...

    Whenever I see a person's reaction I think, think and think... 

    Whenever I try to do my homework, I try to preoccupy myself with distracting duties and such...

    Whenever I talk, I try to think of a purpose for talking and the reactions of what would happen if I were to say something/anything...

    This is a major pain in the arse and I wish to become a bit simpler in terms of what I do and how I do it... Thinking about unimportant details leads my mind astray... dammit... 

  • Troubled.

    At the moment i don't know what to do with myself. Everythings just confusing me. Yeah i'm just troubled

  • Bookworm.
    I love to read. There are so many emotions that can be found in the world of imagination, and I find them in books
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