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What is your ultimate dream job? Do you think you'll ever live the dream?

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  • Traveling RTW experiencing life, writing, reading, critiquing/reflecting. Sure, if I plan and do it.

  • da

  • кем хотела работать тем и устроилась. даже не помешало отсутсвие высшего или специфического образования! работа приносит море удовольствий. свободное время. и нормальные человеческие отношения с работодателем! чего и всем желаю!!!!

  • My ultimate dream job is to be a journalist in New York City, and a fiction author.  I would more specifically love to write about music, or fashion, two topics that interest me most.  I used to want to be a fashion designer, but I'm not so sure how far I would get with that.
  • i wanted to own a hotel resort. I am still hoping that my dream will come true... still striving to reach for it. wish me luck ;)

  • Psychologist.... for people with PTSD or criminals. I hope to but we'll see ... if not I'll open a book shop.

  • To be a veterinarian. But now after working as an intern in a vet clinic, i'm having second thoughts of pursuing this line of work. The stress of having to worry if the animal will make it after a surgery or if i'm able to cure or save the animal. I know it's typical for stress to occur in work because basically mostly all things in life have to do with stress and it's inevitable. But this kinda stress is about life or death. I'm not sure if i can take it. Maybe after my internship. i'll have another opinion on this. Plus, money is an issue and hmm..maybe grades too. So i'm not so sure if i'll ever live the dream i dream of. Oh well..

  • Fashion photographer!

  • I think my ultimate dream job would be working in a very high class salon. I love the thought of that. I don't know which one, or where though. I think if i still live in Michigan, I'd like to work in one of the salons in royal oak. My boyfriend always asks me when we pass by, "would you like to work there?" I think I'd like to. If I don't live in Michigan I'd like to live in Chicago, and work in a salon in the city :) 

    I think i may be able to work in a nice salon someday, if i really put my mind to something. I think I can do anything. :)
  • WOW! hehehe hmm.. well andame kasi hahaha My ultimate dream job would be to become a famous author of Inspirational books & also about adventures .. (wow! that wud be fantastic!!) . To become a writer na lang pala. (famous or not) hehehe XD... I know the chances are so low.., that I really don't think it will happen but I never give up on that hope ( asa?!) The other job would be .. 'Traveller' (meron bang ganun?!) tapos gumagawa ng mga documentaries! abt. culture... nature & adventure!! I want to become a director din! but I don't think I'll become one hahaha (apply ka artista?!)! pati photographer ang saya ng mga gnitong work hehehe XD.
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