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What was the best movie of the year so far? Does it have the potential to become a classic?

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  • Ok so i am a big fan of scary/fictional movies...i absolutely love twilight (eclispe)...i just wanted to get up and fly away or change into a warewolf lol....it was good but not classic worthy...classic are more like Nanny Mcphee lol, macbeth and those sort of shows

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  • Ironman two totally kicked ass and Eclipse was a close second. I loved both of them

  • The best movie is definately Inception directed by Christopher Nolan. It's a masterpiece. The film is intelligent, very carefully constructed and features a talented cast lead by the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio.

    It explores the concept of dreaming, and the futuristic element of extracting dreams and also implanting the suggestion of a thought within a dream so that a person can make a decision or action based on their tampered thoughts and pre-meditated ideas from others. The film is interesting and in every way completely mind blowing!

  • мне понравился фильм Наркоз с Джесикой Альбой, очень интересный фильм по сюжетной линии. А вообще нужно по больше фильмов,где должна быть пропоганда семейных ценностей!!!!!!! Эту культуру нужно прививать молодёжи


  • Inception <3
  • I cant remember exactly what i watched ... for me , movie is just for killing time

  • Inception. It's not even a question about it. Inception is bloody amazing. That is all.

  • Hands down best movie ever this year was Dispicable Me. So cute! I think it has definite potantial to be a classic, for sure.

    I thought it was the cutest movie in the world. Just seeing how the main character, whos name eludes me, fall in love with these three orphaned girls is just too cute. The girls as well were very hesitant in living with, insertcharacternamehere, but it was very heart warming to see them warm up to him as well.

    I especially loved to see the littlest one, I also forgot her name, but she was FRAKIN CUTE! LOL@ HER EPIC LINES! Omg, you have to watch this movie the moment you get a chance, seriously.

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