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Are there any sentimental objects that you've kept for many years? Are there any that you bring with you wherever you go?

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  • Every card and letter that I have received in the mail I have kept. I still have letters from my penpals in Australia, Indonesia, and France from 10 years ago! Not only is getting anything in the mail become more and more rare, they are priceless mementos. It's always fun to go back and see how much we have all grown up.
  • Why yes indeed. The most notable is my star of David necklace. My grandparents bought it in Israel years ago for me and I've worn it faithfully for years and years. I also have my very first baby blanket and an original Snuggles the bear stuffed animal.

  • I have this white silk blanket like material that was given to be by my great grandmother when I was a little girl, it use to be hers when she was little. She had it as little girl and it survived with her in the concentration camp she was in, in Germany during the Holocaust. It was one of the few things that survived the trip to America with her and I still have it. Super precious heirloom, I utterly adore it and the memories with her.

  • I have this little coin that my sister got me years ago...
    it says " i love you, always " and on the other side " forever"
    and its never left my side.
  • да..это нательный крест!

  • I bring my makeup bag with me everywhere, even if I don't put any makeup on... one never knows when a special ocassion might come up! :]

  • I have several things. There is the jewelry box my father got me for Christmas when I was eight. I don't really have good feelings towards him anymore and yet I still keep it. I have this frilly, been-washed-so-many-times-it's-see-through night shirt that was my great grandmother's. There is a bell my grandmother gave me for my 16th birthday. She collects them and says that when she dies, she will leave them all to me. We have this box filled with pictures of family, people I have never met. When I was little, I would look at them and make up stories about my cousins and my aunts and everyone. i did have a cat's skull for awhile, but it got lost in the move here. It was a kitten that the neighbors didn't want and my parents wouldn't let me have. They left it outside and it froze to death. I found it and buried it. Next spring some dog or animal dug it up. I don't know why I kept it.

  • There is one thing that is coming with me to Aberystwyth that I'd had for years. Specifically I'd had him 18years (almost 19), and I am not leaving him at home - the dog will get him, and then that will be the end of him.

    Samuel T. Bear. Try and guess what the T stands for :3?

    Either way, my "uncle" Guy got it for me when I was born and I've had him ever since. He moved to the Midlands with me, and he moved back. He's taking the journey for his own safety as I know he'll just get ripped, drippled, eaten, and have his fluffy-intestines devoured if I left him at home, since the dog seems to get everything. I'm planning on keeping him til my deathbed.

    Even though I don't want to ever have a deathbed (as in... I never want to die) 
  • In 5th grade, this girl Michelle made me this really awesome birthday gift. I was turning 10 years old and she gave me a little glass jar filled with tiny origami stars that she had spent weeks making. I was incredibly touched by the gesture, particularly when she expressed to me (both aloud and in the attached card) that I would become very very unlucky if I ever lost those stars. Even if it was just one. So I've had them with me ever since. 8 years.

    There is now nothing that I take with me whenever I go, besides my journal of the moment and a few fine tip markers.

  • I have kept a toy green eyeball since I first got it in second grade  as a reward for being good.I have kept it more then 8 years and I think it's because It just reminds me of all the good times in 2nd grade.In second grade I was moved to a class  with a teacher that only spoke English (I was born in the USA <still live in the US> but my parents  are from Mexico so they put me with the other children that spoke Spanish (but I could speak English cause of all the cartoons I watched )  and up until 2nd grade I had always had a teacher that spoke Spanish.I didn't mind it wasn't harder for me at all .It turned out that the school switch me classes because I was stronger in English then Spanish (Started to read in 1st grade and they teach you to write since your 5. So I know how to read,speak,and write in Spanish although it's harder for me and my spelling sucks in both languages equally.)In second grade I got a teacher named Ms.Smith she was my favorite teacher (still might be.) I used to visit her after school when I was dropped of f at the elementary school by my school bus. (I was going to a  middle school for the gifted.) Ms.Smith used to trow away the different colored eye balls my class mates got when she found them playing with it  on her time.I thought it was kinda funny cause they would just fish them out her trash can when she wasn't looking.Now I can't isite her because she got fired for slapping a kid  about two years ago.(The school where Ms.smith worked at was on the bad side of town so I think the kid probably deserved to get slapped.One reason I never wanted to be a teacher was because of how I saw my classmates treat the teachers )No matter what way you  turned the eyeball it would always point up.

    This is my Green eyeball-A perspex ball containing a coloured eyeball  floating in liquid always looks upwards as a the ball is rolled.In brown,green,blue,and gray.(3 cm)

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