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Writer's Block

Built to last

If you could build a monument, like the Eiffel Tower or Statue of Liberty, what would you build, and where would you build it?

Answers (308)

  • I would build a staute of me reading a book. It will be in front of the every Library, to encourge kids and teens or anybody to read and it will get you places and nice jobs.

  • Я бы поставил памятник себе в Сан-Марино, потому что именно это страна олицетворяет свободу. 


  • На новокузнецкой, вместо фонтана, огромный такой монумент в виде баса gibson thunderbird, именно там я загорелся им.
  • Я бы построил Марсианский Республиканский Город-Космопорт. Пояснения "где" нужны?

  • I would want to sculpt a giant Tinkerbell and put it in Disney World in the water where the FerryBoat and Monorail would pass by it.
  • I would want to build out of stone, because I can name a handful of stone ancient built things... they last. The Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty have to be maintained all the time to stay up. Other than the material, I have no idea what I would choose at the subject(s).

  • I would build a giant spaceship or somthing really high tech so that it shows the modern 21 century and how everything as changed and in the future they can look about in history and see like a timeline of the past.

  • Totally would build a monument of myself. I'd Be dressed as a pirate riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex.


  • Вавилонскую башню.... и, сука, заставил бы всех любить друг друга!
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