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Please don't call it a comeback

Which famous or infamous historical person would you bring back to life, and why?

Answers (711)

  • Ленина,чтоб он посмотрел на творения дел своих.Что бы еще и пожил бы годок другой в наше время.

  • Любого кто подавал надежды но умер ребенком.
  • возможно Цоя...но не факт,что нынешняя молодёжь восприняла бы его должным образом.лучшие всегда уходят первыми

  • Николу Тесла, Эйнштейна и Макса Планка.

    Их деятельность двигала человечество, независимо от его воли. А человечество надо время от времени подстегивать, а то будет как  в мультике "Валли"
  • Хит Леджер: 1. Очень многого парень не успел - чисто по-человечески жалко, когда человек глупо погибает в 28 лет. 2. Его уход - потеря для кинематографа. Есть на свете люди незаменимые. Факт.

  • William Somerset Maugham. By all means. Cuz I luv gays Because he would understand me and my mania :)

  • Theodor Roosevelt because he was an awesome leader. 

  • I Really Don't Know I Think Somethings Are Best Put Away...

  • If I ever called back a famous or infamous historical person back to life, it would be the indian rebel Subash Chandra Bose. Well because he was there during gandhi's time, fighting for independence but unlike gandhi he had another vision. TO FIGHT! to fight against the british and claim back wut is rightfully ours, INDIA. Gandhi did they job, but he could not do it without the consequences indians went through. For example the seperation of india and pakistan, and the priced jewls of India STOLEN, etc. Britian had enough time, thanks to gandhi, to take wut is rightfully india's. Subash Chandra Bose could have stopped all that, he was getting forces from CHINA, NEPAL, FRANCE! all over the world, just to drive Britishers out. That man wanted to make a difference but his life was vut sort due to an airplane accident. But even after that accident people kept getting siting of him in nepal as a buddist. After a few more years a buddist aproached India and gave them belongings of Mr. Bose that were in the temple of the Buddha. So he was alive, till the day india got its independence. That man was a legend, and I would love to bring him back to life.

  • A famous person, but not historical person; that I would want to bring back to life is Kurt Cobain because he was a very talented musican. He was a great songwriter and had a voice like no one else.
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