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Writer's Block

Celebrities I Admire

Are there any celebrities you admire?

Answers (92)

  • Not in the sense that I've declared them role models--I take pride in the fact that I have none of those--but more than a few wear my patented Seal of Approval. ELIJAH WOOD This is the big one, and I'm sure at least one or two of you would be interested to know why. It's complicated. The guy is just made out of charm. There is his extreme physical beauty, yes, but there's also his evident lack of self-importance: most actors, despite how "down-to-earth" they're reputed to be, seem convinced that A) their shit doesn't stink; in fact B) it has market value. Also, I'm fascinated by how, when voicing his opinions, he always comes off as so outspoken and uncensored without being a complete dickwad about things. DOMINIC MONAGHAN/ BILLY BOYD More than anything, I appreciate how comfortable they are--or used to be--with their own silliness and dorkiness, which first struck me at a time when everyone I knew, including myself, was engaged in some heavy-duty angstmongering. JOHNNY DEPP A (fiercely talented and charismatic) man with a definite dark side who still seems to be a good person at his core. FRANK ZAPPA We've been over this. DAVID BOWIE This, too. STEPHEN KING And him. MADONNA On one hand, she's helped remove a lot of the mystery from our collective sexuality, but at the same time, she's reduced a fair amount of the shame that went along with keeping it clandestine. Fair trade. MIKE LOWELL (Boston Red Sox third baseman/2007 World Series MVP) He's quickly become my favorite player on the team. Along with his generally reliable game presence, he comes pretty close to the total package off the field as well: a warm, witty, good-looking guy who just happens to have only one testicle and a family who escaped Castro's regime. THE DALAI LAMA Not a celebrity in the traditional sense, but a well-known public figure who represents a land in danger of losing both its history and its future. The next Dalai Lama will likely come from an election rigged by the Chinese government, as the Panchen Lama did in the mid-90's. And I don't trust this country to intercept such a tragedy without getting about 10-grand civillians killed in the process. JAKE AND MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL Because--to me--they're like everyday folks, only cooler. Maggie, for example, is the chick I wish I'd befriended in college, whereas Jake is the guy who should have popped my cherry back in high school. GWEN STEFANI/ SARAH JESSICA PARKER/ CHLOE SEVIGNY/ TILDA SWINTON For bringing fashion eccentricity to the masses. GEORGE CARLIN RIP, big guy. We're not worthy, anyway.
  • Of coarse Elijah Wood, Dominic Monaghan, Daniel Radcliffe, Viggo Mortensen,Johnny Depp,Kevin Spacey etc there are so many more. I took this from
  • id have to say 3 people in this world I admire to no end .. The single most important man . . would have to be JEPHA HOWARD the bassist of The Used. . something about him that has inspired me to be all that I can. To look the way I want to look without passing judgement on myself . . to listen to whatever the fuck I want to listen to .. . and to act however the fuck I want to . . he inspired me to be ME . . Next I would have to say Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance. . . For the same reasons as Jepha but Frank has also talked to me about beliefs and why I should live my life according to my own itenirary . . He's in the band that really gave me a purpose to wake up every morning when I was low a few years back . . and when I see him . . he always remembers me and what we talked about previously . . He's probably the coolest guy I have ever met/seen/ encountered and hasnt changed or turned his back on fans . . at all. . LASTLY id have to say would be Mr. John Lennon. i think his overall beliefs and what he stood for and to this day stands for (in death) is amazing. . his push to promote PEACE even in his own troubled times. . He was all about the 5 letters that we will never see making effect. . and that all its own is Heroism . . if that makes sense. and . . that would be my HEROES. yay?
  • Bert McCracken. He pretty much saved my life. If it wasn't for him, I don't know where I'd be. His lyrics inspire me so much. He is so real to, he doesn't let all this shit go to his head. He manages to be himself. After all he has been through, and he is still the man He was 7 years ago. A little dirtier, but all around the same.
  •  none really i actually luv haley williams and think shes inspiring but i am not really into looking up to celebs although kikki kanabal is rad but i do not think she even is a real celeb.... ....
  • of course there is. i admire, very much, paul kevin jonas the second. he has awesome guitar skills, he knows how to handle the band, and hes just freaking awesome. i know that this is not much, but he is my favorite celebrity right now, and i think he is quite awesome.
  • Diane Keaton... for being the strong woman she is

    Jane Fonda... also very strong, and proud of her opinions

    Johnny Depp... because he's awesome, and prefers his privacy

    Hilary Swank... as a person in general, 'just a girl from the trailer park'... haha

    Keira Knightley... for defying the appetite laws, so what the hell... she's skinny people, get the fuck over it

    Gerard Butler... gorgeous man, I swear... *slaps self* where was I going with this

    Jessica Alba... for being an overall sweet person, and loving her mama

    Gerard Way... even though I hate to think of him as a celebrity... what the hell, I'm adding him, because he is just a seriously great person, smart, creative... everything I'd like to possess as a human being

    my mama... because she's my celebrity, for everything that she is, does, and will ever do

    there's quite a bit more...

  • Here is a few

    -Evangeline Lilly (actress)
    -Bobby Allison (NASCAR legend)
    -Jeff Gordon (NASCAR legend)
    -Don Cheadle (actor)
    -Peyton Manning (Colts quarterback)
    -Carson Palmer (Bengals quarterback)
  • Carrie Fisher. She is an amazing actress and writer and has come through addiction and mental illness with such grace. She is a true role model for young girls, unlike these so-called ones we have now!
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