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Long ago and far away

Do you wish you had grown up in another time and/or place? if so, when, where, and why?

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  • НЕТ! потому что если бы я родилась не там, то всё было бы иначе и мы бы с тобой не были вместе. всё должно быть так как есть!

  • Может быть, в другой стране, типа Англии, но не знаю, ведь не рождалась там, блин)

  • Acutally I have been considering this question for a long time and when I was young I had presumed many times that had I born in a richer family or with well-educated parents, highly-develped commnutiy, how big changes my life must have been. But now I've stopped such daydreaming, 'cause through my own effort, I've been living relatively happy nowadays, though I'm still in need of a lot of material things, still working hard every day to afford the daily expenses. Yet I've been satisfied with the current life conditions. So I don't wish to grow up in another place or space, the current place and time are the most satisfactory one.




  • I think it would've been awesome to grow up in the 20's - I like the bold fashions and the growing trend of a lot more gumption in women. And if I happen to be flashing to a  mob-esque theme in my mind, it's only because men looked entirely too charming in suits. lol
    Music, too, was hitting a high. The thirties would've been deadly, though... so maybe if I was knocked off right before then, haha.

  • Я вот 10 лет мечтал в Россию вернуться наоборот..

  • I don't regret growing up to where I am now, but I do wish sometimes I would grow up in a place that is peaceful despite the chaos outside.  These are just what I envisioned but I wished I lived next to the still waters under or beside bridges, or a high place with a window that shows everything to where I could have a sight that inspires my imagination.  Seeing the lights at the city a night or being succumed in a frosty atmosphere where I can be content in privacy with the people I love.

  • Так ведь опять не учтут пожелания!

  • I don't wish I'd grown up in another time. I think this is the best time to have grown up (and to continue doing so). I get to grow up as technology rapidly develops (no doubt it will continue to do so) and have learnt to cope with how rapidly this changes our way of life.

  • Супер вопрос! :) А ответ банален и прост! :) В другое время - нет!А вот в другом месте - да!Хотела бы жить там, где жара и море и нет плохой погоды! :) Я очень не люблю холод и не в восторге от дождей,а уж тем более от какой-нибудь метели и т.д.! :)
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