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Writer's Block


Capital offense

What is your opinion of the death penalty? How important is this issue in deciding which political candidates you support?

Answers (327)

  • I'm against the death penalty. Death does not cancel out death, jfc.

  • To be honest, I think that the death penalty is pointless; unless you were going to starve the murdering or raping fucker. :)
  • I have mixed feelings on the death penalty. There is a naive part of me that likes to believe that there is good in everyone and therefore to leave them to rot in their guilt is more of a punishment than death ever could be. Additionally, I don't like the thought that the state forces a man to become a murderer; killing someone to prove to the people that killing people is wrong just...doesn't make sense. Fighting for peace, fucking for virginity, et al. On the other hand, though, I know for a fact that a lot of people just don't feel remorse; there is usually something inside of a serial killer that just prevents them from feeling the same way as other humans do, and it's usually their sense of empathy that's messed with. So they just don't feel sorry for what they did, and there's really no reason to leave them in prison if they're just going to take up space and not really learn their lesson. Because prison is kind of a more police-state time out, in my opinion, or at least it should be. A chance for people to be alone with themselves and consider what they've done to get to that point in their lives, and why it was wrong, and whether or not they're sorry. And those people are just never going to get it. So, I dunno. I can't say for sure that yes, I support it fully, or no, I'm entirely against it. It's just not something that comes up that often, and if it does it's usually in philosophical debates on human rights and whatnot, blah blah blah. And because of that, I'm not overly concerned about candidates opinions on it. There are other issues that I think are more pressing than a practice that is centuries old.

  • Я против ПУБЛИЧНОЙ смертной казни!Это ужасно!!!!!!!!!
  • А что можно думать? Ницше говорил что это отвратительно когда смерть осуществляется по расчету. Можно думать допустимо ли это вообще или допустимо ли это в твоей стране, штате. Есть маньяки - они возможно достойны смерти ибо убили несколько или много людей (они могут считать что это скот). Вроде бы в БИБЛИИ сказано что бог стал оберегать Каина и никто не смог тронуть его. Смертная казнь есть акт мести обличенный формулой закона. Зуб за зуб. Можно представить это как очищение - ты нестабилен убиваешь других мы очистим от тебя нашу стаю/стадо. Но вы многоуважаемые задайте себе вопрос хотели бы вы быть казнены виновно или безвинно? Как вам посмертное оправдание? Как странна вторая часть вопроса.

  • It's not a particularly comfortable topic to discuss, is it? Short answer is, I wouldn't rule out the death penalty, and certainly would avoid voting for a party that does if possible.

    I say so given that:
    - the death penalty is applied only to the most terrible crimes (e.g. serial killers)
    - the utmost care has been taken to ensure the person is guilty

    Consider that by doing so, we can use the money we'd have otherwise used in keeping them alive (yet separated from society) to help the desperately poor.

    I can't reason around the fact we're killing someone for our own convenience (inc. safety) except to say, that keeping the person alive is also done for our convenience (so that we may pretend to be 'pure').

    Aside: Who do we make do the killing?

  • I believe that the death penalty has a place. There aresome people who are just not rehabitable and I do not see why I, as a law abiding citizen - with good morals at that - should work hard and my tax money is used to pay afore-mentioned person because they are somewhat sociopathic. Putting these people in jail for life only lets them mix with others and mess their minds up too. I agree there is the problem of wrongfully accused and that is always tricky but then ask yourself this - would you like Jack the Ripper to just sit in jail and teach his fellow inmates the tricks of his trade?
  • I dont believe any human has the right to decide if another should die. Thats up to God to decide. As for political candidates I cant honestly say I have ever look into wheather or not they suppoted or opposed the matter. I guess it hasent been very high on my subconcious.

  • It's funny because a couple of years ago I wrote an essay on the death penalty and I was and still am completely against it. I found in my research how cruel the process is to put someone down and how often mistakes are made and also how often innocent people are accused of murder and end up being put to death because of false reports. I am pro-life, and I believe that abortion should NOT be legal for anyone but especially for anyone under 18 years old. I knew then that I couldn't be against abortion and for the death penalty so I decided to grasp the concept of forgiveness because the death penalty is driven by rage and anger which solves absolutely NOTHING. I think that if we lived in a world driven by love and forgiveness, then we wouldn't need the death penalty. There are people who murder others but there is always hope for change in those people and in this world. Cruelty V.S. Love... I know what I pick.
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