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No place like home

What are five things you love about where you live and five things that you hate? How does it compare to previous places you've lived?

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  • I like not having to pay rent(1), but dislike living with my parents at age 30 (-1). Trash pickup is good in this neighborhood(2). There's no rule about numbers of bags and you can use a garbage can. In other areas, the garbage men have a rule saying that dogs must rip open your trash bags so they don't have to pick them up, i.e. you cannot put them in a can. I don't like the fact my house is so close to the freeway so that you can't walk anywhere but to a gas station (-2) and all the businesses are closing up or closed already (-3), or that it's close to a hotel that has regular shootings and people hopping the fence and stealing stuff from the neighbors(-4). I like the house itself because it has a garage and short staircase(3), and I like the businesses that are still open (4). Good-Two words: Longview Lake (5). Bad-All this I-435 construction shit (-5).

  • I love that I'm living in my hometown, it's my security blanket. 
    I love that I live on an island in the chilly Northern Territories, it's like a fortress, (and a good place to reside should the zombie take over the world)
    I love that that their's one of most things here, 1 libryary, 1 bookstore, 1 mall.  1 movie theatre.
    i love that i live in an industrial area, betwixt the shipping yard, and the metal crate yard
    i love the crappy rainy weather.

    I hate living in such a tiny town (pop 15,000), sometimes I long for the streets of Seattle & London, to be able to walk for miles checking out the sheer eye candy of architexture, and scuptures is something i really miss.  Instead, I get loads of freekin GREEN TREES and oceans to look at when I'm doing my walks, boring.

    I hate that my state is known for it's high levels of Domestic Violence.  I just wish for everyone in the world to be physically healthy & mentally healthy.

    I hate not having decent Clothing Stores.  Choices are Wal-Mart, overpriced Independent shop downtown, and online shopping (thank-god for online shopping)

    Sometimes I hate that there's only 32 miles of road to drive on,  that gets boring, mostly I'm just used to it by now.

    I hate that Waldenbooks closed down a few months ago.  Now there's only 1 bookstore left in my town.

    Erm, I grew up in Alaska, but I spent 2 years in Flint, MI and 2.5 years in Seattle, WA.  I'm just super happy I neverr gotta livein Flint, MI ever again.  What a hell-hole.  Too many gangs.

    I'm currently thinking about where I wanna move next, I might try Oregon. 

  • Love: 1. I'm living in The City. Hands-down, favorite thing. I've wanted to do this ever since I first visited California in 2004. 2. The nearest library branch, though the size of a postage stamp, is about a thousand feet away (it's about two of the short blocks). 3. The rent is way below market value. Which is probably the only reason we can afford it at all. 4. We have a pullout couch-bed! It's provided with the apartment, but it lets us offer guests reasonable accommodation. Not only do I enjoy having guests, but I feel like I'm paying forward all the times people have let me crash on theirs. It's a good cycle to have. 5. This is actually the largest place I've had to myself, ever. In all my previous residences, I've either shared a room with someone (parents' first house, apartment, dorm room) or had only a bedroom to myself (parents' second house, college house). Now between Ryan and me we have a two-bedroom apartment to ourselves. Having space is nice. Hate: 1. We don't have a dishwasher. Both my and Ryan's loathing of handwashing dishes has grown exponentially. 2. There never seem to be enough counter or cabinet space. So things get kind of haphazardly thrown in meticulously organized. 3. The neighborhood, while safe and very quiet, is pretty distant from anything I find interesting, on the whole. It means that any kind of destination is at minimum 30 minutes away and often an hour. Not bad for not having a car, but there's nothing walkable besides the library and a couple convenience stores. 4. Related to that last one, I hate not having choices for public transit - we have what is essentially a single line, so if it's running late or having issues, that's it. It would be nice to live near a denser network of lines so that we have options. 5. The hill we live on is probably about 60ish feet up, vertically, from street level. It's mostly only a pain to climb when there's groceries, and it does build muscle, but it's often tiring. Compared to other places I've lived? Well, we hardly ever get above 80°F, so this is an automatic win. Temperature is that big a deal to me.
  • Funny I come across this question. I just moved. 1. A million places to eat 2. 3 times as many people to meet 3. 5 times as many places to shop 4. Seleciton of colleges 5. Skateparks, Waterparks 1. Weather sucks 2. A lot more people are rude 3. Too many college parties, bad influences and habits 4. Too much traffic 5. Takes forever to get places with the huge town and all the stoplights Its basically opposite of what I'm used to. But I definitaly feel that I belong here

  • Five things I love:
    1- It's a big city.
    2- I grew up here.
    3- My fiancee lives around the corner.
    4- It has the best comic book store in the world.
    5- I waited seven years to move back. Worth it.

    Five things I hate:

    Compared to where I used to live?
    The last town I lived was awful. I lived there from ages 11 -18.
    Hated every minute of it.

  • +
    1. Хороший зеленый район
    2. Новые знаком
    3. Красивая архитектура
    4. Независимость
    5. 10 минут от работы

    1. Хочется чего-то новинького
    2. Проблемы с транспортом

  • I stopped thinking this way. It was not me. It was my so called "family".
  • love. -my family all within an hour drive. -the snowy mountains, 45 minutes away. -the beach, 20 minutes away. -the food, anything just about anytime. -the different vibes and cultures. hate. -traffic. -asians. just kidding. -no parking. -cost of living. -not enough history. where i live is new yet old, full of it's ever constant changing culture. it is filled with unnoticed evolutions and neighbors with many a documented cases of stagnant living; it has quite a unique feel. it has all i need and i give it much. compared to other places and ways of life, downtown LA just plain wins. it is comfortable and it is home. and i didn't always, but now i love it.

  • LOVE:
    1. I LOVE my Family
    2. I LOVE my Friends
    3. I LOVE the Beaches
    4. I love that everywhere I go, I can remember something good about my childhood.
    5. I love knowing everyone and I love the aloha spirit.
    6. I LOVE that everyday I wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the mountain, and go to sleep to a beautiful sunset on the horizon.
    7. I LOVE laying on the sand.
    8. I LOVE the rain and the sun and the wind.
    9. I LOVE the smell and the fresh air.
    10. I LOVE that GOD put me here. He knows what I need and I need Hawaii.

    1. I HATE tsunamis. I've never seen one but I know that if a big one hits we gotta move fast or else.
    2. I HATE that you can't get away with anything, it's an island...
    3. I HATE that everyone knows you because you can't hide from someone you don't like.
    4. I HATE that people get Island fever. Why do they get island fever?
    5. I HATE that sugar cane fields and other Hawaiian landscapes are being destroyed for big city buildings and restaurants. We HAVE ENOUGH!!

    I added more LOVE because I LOVE where I live... BEAUTIFUL HAWAII

  • What I love
    1. Hot summer tempreature
    2. My closest friends live there.
    3. It has nice beaches.
    4.  Nice neighborhood
    5. Crime barely happens around here.

    What I hate
    1. Thunderstorms happen a lot here.
    2. It doesn't snow.

    Those are the only reasons why I hate where I live. XD
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