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If you could spend a week taking photos in any city in the world, which city would you choose, and why?

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  • If you've not watched this movie; GO WATCH IT. It made the guys in my class cry.
    I could have filled up a whole bucket with my tears. The way it was shot just amazing;
    so original; so real; so heartbreaking.
    This isn't your normal melodramatic romantic movie or any of it's kind. It's just out of this world.
    You gotta watch it. You won't believe that the director and cinematographer actually used 10,000 cameras just to shoot this film;
    the angles attained here; is like a never seen before. I mean even words won't be enough to explain the awesome-ness of this film!

    9/10 ( I hate the ending): however it was a suitable ending; causing me to grab the next bucket to fill with tears )

    but it was overall a 10/10.
    ( I'm more into storylines; if you've got an awesome story; forget aesthetics! )
    ( DOGME FTW! too bad you guys have closed down:( )


    one of my favourite scenes in here:) Just breathtaking!
    Bjork's acting was just simply W.O.W!

    and last but not least I miss my baby so much; and kiki too ):
    i love the smell of you and the way you feel so tough yet soft whenever I hug you!

    haha! and that short dance / you carrying me then swinging me one round made my day so much better baby :)

    enjoy the lemon barley and I know my drawings are always cute!
    I love you!

    "They say it's the last song. They don't know us, you see. It's only the last song if we let it be."

  • i would choose Athens in Greek. Because i love it mythology ang i want to take pictures about its beautiful architecture and statue

  • Tokyo.

    Like Cyber-shot, I'm sharp, focussed and ready to zoom Tokyo!
    Since my memories fade too fast, Cyber-shot ensures they last! Always on my side, I could hardly be in a solo journey and I can't picture life without it.

    Only in Japan, a harmonious celebration of the traditions and futuristic cities that we thought only in science fiction movies exist! Honoring their past and embracing their future, it has somehow managed to remain, essentially and unforgettably, Japan.

  • Post with pictures and words ahead. Beware! Photobucket This is our hostel on the exterior. A bit dark a night at the alley just outside. but okay, quite safe. Photobucket Our room. Room numbr 503. on the fifth level. A rather spacious room. Comparable to 3-star hotel. With en-suite bathroom which is very different from the past hostels we stayed before. Photobucket Our very own snack bar. Credits: 2 cans of beverage on far left - courtesy of Kim Chan Milo, milk tea and tea bag - Liling's and YL's Fish Muruku on far right- Liling's :) One packet of Lakerol on bottom right- Agnes' -_-" haha. k, lets move on. Photobucket This is the first resturant we went to on the very first night. its just around our neighbourhood. A lot of eateries around the corner of our hostel but this is the best according to the people at the hostel. And it was really good. :) Love the bibimbap. Photobucket there! this is the picture of the outside. Just opp Nandemum market. so we retired after dinner that night. need to have enough rest for whole day of shopping the next day. DAY 2! Photobucket The subway map can give you a headache for sure. all that lines. Photobucket First stop of the day was Myeongdong. Very famous shopping street. Photobucket Similar to like Ximending in Taipei.but but...much much much better :D Photobucket Found a place to eat and never regretted. Place is called "MR Tofu". Located 2nd level where the shophouses are. SUPER GOOD. SUPER. The spicyness and omg. i dont know how to say. :X. oh, our friend YL dont take spicy food. so we had a hard time trying to tell people how we dont want chili for one of the food we order. quite hard. but okay. process was fun. then, though already not spicy, she still will need like a lot of tissue for her runny nose every time she eats. She claims the food is too hot. Hot as in, temperature. cus Korean food are mostly served in stone pots. its funny how every meal is like fighting a war for her. Good thing Korean restaurants thoughtfully provide free flow of ice water and tissues. Photobucket Photobucket Next stop, Ewha women's university. Shopping here was okayyy. A bit on the high side. as in prices. Now i think of it, i saw a lot of Cath Kidston, totally regret not buying. There are freaking beautiful bags. just too pricey for a bag i didnt know was kinda, lets not say branded,but known for its designs. Photobucket Photobucket And then some more shopping at Dongdaemum, known for very late night shopping. till like 4am. We bought a lot on the very first shopping day. Bad choice cus after the first day we realised we are tight on budget already. Photobucket Had dinner at one of the BBQ restaurants along dongdaemum streets. A lot of them. There is always at least one cinese speaking woman in one restaurant making communication much easier. After dinner, shopped around, trying to finish the whole area and mall but didnt, we gave up and went back at 10+ that 2nd night. Day 3. Palace, Museums and Temple  shopping day. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Sorry but this palace, supposedly the most grand and the must visit palace in lonely planet was actually..............................boring :X i know, i am supposed to appreciate the beauty and history of it all but i cant! the sun was scorching hot that day and everywhere you walk, you see the same building. Maybe cus we were short of a tour guide but to follow a tour means to be stuck in there for 1hr30mins. NO WAY! but okay, seeing is already enough. and the leaflet gives relatively sufficient information for you to look around inside the palace. Super huge palace i must say. Imagine to walk like from your house to the MRT station when you want to go get a cup of water in the kitchen? i think i will dehydrate first. but then again, if you live in the palace, i supposed you dont have to do it on your own. Then think of yourself as the servant. Photobucket Entrance to the Prison museum. This was so much more interesting than the palace. Photobucket Photobucket There they showed how the prisoners of war spent his/her life inside the cell. Truly disturbing on how one human can treat another human. They put mannequins there to show the gruesome activities happening in the prison. There was also an exhibit of the place where prisoners were hung to death. And this tree just outside the execution ground, where the prisoners were said to spend their last moments before the execution and how the tree has never grown any taller even though it was planted years ago. creepy but amazing. That is what i call history. not some empty palace? :x after a day of loong and tiring walk, we went back to what we do best again, shopping. Photobucket At some supermarket. Photobucket And then we saw Macs'. I had to have it. SHRIMP BURGER! Later on we found ARTBOX and we spent like close to an hour in it. ARTBOX is FREAKING CHEAP. I just realised today that a note book of can cost $5.90 here in Singapore while there, its only like a dollar? wtf. Photobucket Then after shopping a lot, we decided to call it a day. Photobucket well, not really. Cant remember what happened exactly, but i think we went back and came out again to go to the casino at Hilton hotel just around the corner from our hostel. Photobucket Buys of the day. notebooks. plenty. Day 4. Lotte world day n NAMSAN tower. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Went back to the same shop we had our first korean meal. English translated menu provided by the thoughtful koreans. Photobucket Agnes' omelett rice. Photobucket YL's beef stew with rice. Photobucket MY cheese bibimbap in hot stone pot. LOVE IT BIG TIME. its heavenly. im hungry right now. Photobucket Off to lotte world! Photobucket at lotte world. This is supposedly where the stairway to heaven filmed. The carousel where the girlfriend will go meet the boyfriend. but we didnt go in to the themepark, though the plan initially was to go. We decided not to spend the money plus it was like half day gone by the time we reach cus there was unforseen circumstances aka shopping places along the way . Photobucket the skating rink and the themepark we never entered. Photobucket Photobucket Then we had this street snack at this food stall in the shopping mall. those kind you get at basement of bugis junction sort of thing. so you can buy what you want and then stand there to eat. Koreans are really friendly people. At first, this couple told us in english how much it cost while seeing us having difficulty interpreting. and then the stall keeper, gave us like one more extra for free. We were really full by then. but it was only courtesy to eat it all up. but it was good. Photobucket still, we never say 'no' to krisy kreme. Then off to Seoul/ NAMSAN tower we go! it was a tedious journey there. we walked so damn far only to find out that that place was actually near our hostel. Photobucket the thing behind is not the Seoul tower FYI. this is just the place where couples come and lock their locks together. hm, we were convinced it was some stupid business gimmick. making money out of nothing. smart much. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket "neh! i saw our hostel!" Photobucket Photobucket we were quite excited at first, walking around, checking out the magnificent views, and then our enthusiasm died down. We just sat down and talked nonsense and decided, it was time to go. Photobucket Photobucket Dinner was junk food that night. and mine was cheese ramyeon. not that nice. we went home early that night, cus the next day we had to wake up at like 6am = sgp time 5am for the DMZ tour. Photobucket buys of the day of course. to be continued. :)

  • Every city where the Berlin Wall was constructed. I want to take pictures of the graffiti to commemorate the people who fought for their freedom and their lives. It is so interesting to know that every wall, every art that you can see has a different story.

  • I must say, New York City. It is well, the city that never sleeps and i love the night life. And i love light art, as much as i love seeing people at streets by night. So, i would be so privileged to take photos at NYC for the whole week. The sky, the people, the night, the lights, the life and the the atmosphere. It's like a place to escape. But there is also this one place i would like to take photos, Sudan. I am not really sure from what Country it is, i reckon it's Africa. Please feel free to correct me. Sudan, why? Because it is the least place to get safe water to drink. And children there... I don't want to start but maybe if i have a week to take photos there, you will understand the lifestyle of people there. Not to make you guys sad or what not. It is to ope your eyes to reality.  

  • Maybe i would choose Korea. The reason is simple, that's because i love Korea.  

  • "spain" would be the best city because it was my best favorite city in the world and so many beautiful places..
    lot of unique spots to pose and to capture the best moment of mine.. :)

  • A city with a rich history and a bustling future... every turn around the corner, there is a story to be uncovered, a tale to tell...
    Of course.. it must be Beijing!

    Beijing's a paradox - with a culturally rich past all captured by the mystical and mysterious Imperial Palace, and a busy city that's surging ahead to keep abreast with current trends and architecture as encompassed by the "Bird's Nest" and the skyscrapers around.

    And also the heart wrenching stories of the social-economic disparity between the ultra rich splurging on haute couture and the very poor that can't even afford three warm meals.

    I feel that it is necessary for pictures to portray life and to speak the truth of cities, revealing the dazzle and the despair felt by city dwellers..
  • i would take you to the island virgin of Bohol, Philippines. there you can spot and capture beautiful places and warmth-hearted people in every moment of traveling to the road of sakbayan peak, chocolate hills and green fields, sandugo park, baclayon church, bohol beach club and panglaw island. you can also threat yourself in floating restaurants at lubok river, photo shoot with the great python, tarsiers and other lovable animals. it's really a worth capturing event of your life staying here
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