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What does family mean to you?

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  •   To me, family is a title in reference to the people that I consider to be close with.  I do not simply title that to people of direct relation, because that's a generic meaning of the term.   Originally family's was close knit blood relatives that cared for and about one another through life.  They worked together to survive, and cared passionately about each other.  Today, in so many cases, that doesn't happen with blood relatives.  Generally speaking, a lot of blood relatives don't actually get along, so they break the bond of "family". To me, those people that you are related that don't interact except for social standards, or conveniences, are mere humans that share genetics, period.  Friends, to me, can be considered family in the tradition sense.  They are people of the world that fit the term, they're there for support, there when you need them, and generally make improvements to one another quality of life.  The people that are close to you, that are there for you, are incidentally your family.  As ever, we can't chose our family, but we can chose our friends, it's like a universal apology for some families. 

  • Family are people who stand by me when I'm at my worst and say, "Well, that was shitty, but atleast you still have pants.... And when you have pants, you usually have pockets- and you can start putting stuff in those pockets again, like your hands, pockets can keep your hands warm if you let them. And if those pockets break, you can sow them back on if you choose to. Your pants can always be fixed."

    Family is a term with far too much power behind it and too many socially induced limitations.
  • I love the writer's block prompts. Because a lot of the time I want to talk about how much I hate Austin's vacuum or why, oh why is there no duster?! ("Because a paper towel and some cleaner stuff works fine," was the answer.) Back to the prompt, which is pretty easy for me to answer. Your family is the people that celebrate your birthday, that take your shift for you because OMG I CAN'T WORK TODAY!, that cuddle you (whether they're awake when the do it or not), rub your back when you hurt and make you dessert when you had a bad day, week, month... You pick and choose your family, most people would disagree with this, but if you don't want someone in your life there's almost always a way to get them out. MaMaw and Mom absolutely drive me up the wall most of the time. Like touching the ceiling I'm so far up the wall. But I love them, even though I constantly have to remind my mom she's a grown-up and MaMaw wants to talk all. the. time. Austin (yeah, he's part of my family) has faults that number many, but that's another post that requires being countered with his praises as well. So your family isn't perfect, which is pretty obvious. No one's is. But you chose them, and continue to choose them, just as you will someday when you begin to create another family. And so goes the circle of life. Like Lion King. Just like Lion King.

  • * frowns deeply* ...

  • Annoying boastful stupid people who spend their months complaining and being mean,
    But you take all that- and you put up with it and love them anyways.

  • Family to me means people who love and care for you whether your related by blood or not :)
  • Ohana. No one gets left behind... or forgotten. Thank you, Stitch!!

  • Family for me, is a word that has been thrown around so much that it really has no bearing...
    I like so many others have opted to choose my own family...
    People tend to stray, even when being blood related...
    I prefer cats and neighbors...

  • Family, to me, means they love you know matter what. They're t he ones put in your life and given to you for a very good reason. They make you who you are. They're a safe place to be, fun and laughter. Lots of love. They always have your back.
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