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What would you do with an army of minions who would do whatever you tell them?

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  • An army of minions? Are you serious??!!! What wouldn't I do with an army of minions!
    I'd make them run my errands, get jobs so I'd never have to work again, take over Canada, do espionage work and find out what the secret sauce is in a Big Mac then sell the secret to Burger King, I'd basically would plot to take over the world for the betterment of man and womankind, I'd have them build me an island smack dab in the center of the Bermuda Triangle so that no one else but me and my minions can find it unless I want them to, I'd go to the Congo and start war with all the soldiers who use rape as a war tactic (I'd use my army to defeat them and the profits from their jobs to build hospitals and support shelters for the victims) but I would never ever in a million years have them pick cotton!

    That shit don't fly around these parts! But besides what I've already mentioned I'll have to get back to you after I had some time to really think it out!

  • Well my primary goal would be world domination but I'd be sure to have them make sammiches along the way. After all you can't be evil on an empty stomach!

  • I'm posting this one to remind myself to answer it later, as I'm sure my brain will come up with some excellent things when given about an hour and a pinch of inspiration. I'll edit when I get a chance with my answer.
  • i'll be the Queen. hahahaha


    ............What do the minions look like? Super cute kitty eared rabbits?...Obama?.....(=A=;) My face?

    That would depend..... (=A=)....... I'd make them kill the higher power and rule the world then make them kill themselves making me the only one with an taco and a machine gun in the WORLD (=A=)  and yes. WORLD just needed to be underlined and bolded, it was just asking for it.

  • I would have them get important jobs and power positions so I can receive all the benefits without the struggles and do as I please without being bothered by complications.

  • I would make a better ATLA movie. What was Shamallama thinking?

    Don't even get me going on a rant....

    If you've seen that awful movie and it has turned you off of the series, please watch the cartoon anyway. It's so much better.

  • It depends how cute the minions are.

  • I demand ice cream! Now, minions! Bring it now!
    I would also like to have a pet bird, but have the minions clean up the cage for me. I'll just play with the bird.
    After getting that done, we can move on to the issues.

  • id have them steal all the candy,gum,carebear dolls,vampire books,and tutu's for me :) oh and black nail polish baby! lol dnt forget the black nail polish! haha thatd b sooo awesome if i had an army of minions! lol

    oh and id have them  make sure that id be safe on december 21,2012!   :)

    haha bye!

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