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Family Is…

What does family mean to you?

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  • It means togetherness and unity and being with the people you love!

  •  that which has hurt, hindered, loved, lost, hated, cherished, wounded, dwindled, twisted & drifted like some schooner full of drunk, disoriented & depressed  landlubbers.
  • Family means everything to me because without my family I would be nothing and I would not existed in this world. Family means being there for each other in times of needs and just being there when you are needed the most. I love my family a lot.

  • Family is who you care about. I've never been too fond of the "If they're blood, then they matter more (or at all)"-mentality. Especially since I usually feel extremely awkward around relatives, so.

    Also - it seems as if I'll never get rid of this fucking journal. Oh well. I like the danger in having a public journal, anyway.

  • I can honesty type about to subject and write pages...My family is my life, wheather it's good or bad, it's my family and my parents mean everything to me. They brought me into this world and raised me and did everything in their power they can for me and i owe them for the rest of my life! I love my parents and their might be days I may say I hate them but it's just anger and I don't mean it! We have krazy arguments, and problems but I know when I was at my worst, my family was the one truly really their for me, no one else!!! And that means a lot to me... No one is perfect, their not perfect neither am i but the important thing is we all give as much as we can, and even though their so many things wrong every1's family is right for each and every1 of the people out their...

  • family means to me that you have family times together and they are the people who support you and care about you and love you for who you are and not something u arent. family is a important thing to your life and if you loose them it may be super hard but always remember they are still alive in your heart and watching over you in heaven. you live  with your family sometimes if you dont got a mom or dad you live with some1 in your family. they support you and get you things you want and need. they get you what you want when they have the money to get it. family means everything they should be your number 1 priority
  •     So many dreams.  so many things on my  mind right now.  My daughter sees me and everything  im going through,  i dont know what to do any more.                 My dad.  he has been addicted to beer  for as long as i can  remember. My mom and my dad got  a divorce when i was 5. after that it seems like everything  in my life went to hell (except for my daughter being born). He dont like the fact i wanted to marry Matthew (my babies daddy). Me and him used to be so close. I  wanna know what happend. I was the biggest daddys girl. I love  him but  part of mecant take it anymore. what am i supposed to do???

  • People that care about each other. Sharing blood has nothing to do with it. 
  • My family isnt blood related. My family are the ones i care about and who care about me. Taking care of each other, trusting them and loving each other. My family... are the important persons to me, no matter where they are.
  • To me it means my life. My mother and father are who created me and my brothers are the ones who have shapped me into a strong woman. I see them as the builder of my life, they give you the foundation to go ahead and start building your own life. They are there for you to lean on when weak and they provide a love for you no one else can. All families are diffenent and I am one who knows this first hand. My two adopted brothers always remind me how lucky I am to live the life I have lived. I know from accepting them in my hearts and into my home that I have learned so much more about life. It is not always just a shopping trip, a night with the girls, or movies with a boy. It's the people who try to help you along your journey, who provide for you the care and knowlegde. Life doesn't always bring a good day, but going home at the end of the day always makes the day a wonderful one!
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