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Love or be loved?

Do you think a romantic relationship can ever be equal or will one partner always love and/or compromise more than the other? Given the choice, would you rather be the one who loves more or is loved more?

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  • Вообще, по моему мнению, во взаимоотношениях должно быть равенство. Конечно, иногда кто-то любит и он старается отдать любимому больше, а тот всего лишь позволяет себя любить. Но это толь до тех пор, пока он сам ни влюбится и тогда будет готов посвятить всего себя любимому.
  • Yes.... and it will change from day to day who's doing the compromising.

  • Быть любимой)

  • If you're lucky, its a wave-in-a-box. Sometimes one is more, sometimes the other is more. Sometimes equal.One thing that I know for sure---it is never static! XOFifi

  • vtoroe potomy kak ja paren a eto rdekost dlya parnya chtob ego lubili, esli on ne millioner

  • Кто-то отдаёт  больше чем другой )
  • Mehh, I think it's unfair to compare love that way. I do think that each person would love the other in different ways, and possibly in different amounts, but I think that in order to know for sure, you'd have to break it down, and that could tear the dynamic of the two people apart. I think that there's no way of knowing, nor is it fair to assume. I think that true love requires a ton of compromise and sacrifice, but if it's true, all that compromise and sacrifice doesn't matter, and you end up winning more than you ever give up. Personally, I would like to be the one that loved the most, because love scares me, and I'd want to be in control.

  • ответ на этот вопрос приходит тогда, когда он уже ненужен. 

    что лучше: жить с Луной или без нее? искать ответ на это - глупость, потому что Луна ЕСТЬ! И ничего вы с этим не поделаете. Какое бы вы решение не приняли - Луна никуда не денется.

    Не пытайтесь понять, не ищите ответов и решений. Берегите то, что вам уже дано. Ведь вам дан целый мир!

  • Relationships are a balance at all times, when things are easy and plan sailing they should be on a level of around 50/50, and when things get rough, then the balance tips, sometimes it might hit 90/10 sometimes 70/30, thats fine, normal and dandy provided that it isn't always tipping in the same direction.

    All people have tough times but if they aren't taking the burdens of their partner as freely as their partner does theirs then you have a problem and a problem that needs resolving.  There have been many times where the balance has tipped in my own relationship with my lovely man, but I am just as eager to help and support him and be his crutch as he is mine when I need him to be.

    One should never love the other more, if one side loves more then the relationship cannot work. And yes there is always compromise, but remember, never sweat the small stuff and 99% of it is small stuff. Most compromises are easily made and in all honesty in the correct relationship don't feel as such because you are wanting to do the right thing for your relationship and partner. 

    If I had the choice then I would not choose either because neither are healthy or fulfilling for either side.

  • cначала, может быть и наравне...а потом все равно с чьей-то стороны больше..и это философский вопрос, что лучше..наверное быть любимой...
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