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Fight or flight

Have you ever struck someone in a fit of anger or self-defense? If so, did you live to regret it?

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  • Yea, my sister and i get into 'fights' kindof, but sometimes i accidentally take it too far, and those i really regret.

    But in like 5th grade i had this conflict with this asshole in my class. We would always close each others lockers, kinda playfully, then one time he fought back and we tussled with his locker. The spanish teacher walked by and told us to cut it out. On his way back to the classroom he jammed his textbook into my ribs, so i kicked him in the balls. He cried :) Don't regret it at all, cuz he's still an asshole to me.

  • I have actually. Recently. It wasn't self-defense either.

    I swore after my childhood I would never be like my father. If I ever had children of my own I would never hit them. And I would be a vocal opponent of violence towards women and children.

    But in June, while in Holland, I became SO angry with Greg, someone I've been close to for 35 years, that I swatted at him because I wanted him to lay off the criticizing. NEVER in my life have I hit anyone in anger, not even spanking a child.

    Yes, I regret that very much. He still is upset with me about it over a month later.

  • I've never hit anyone, as I've always seen myself as quite a timid person and at only 5'2 and being of slim build, I've always thought that I'd never have the strength or the power behind me to affect someone were I to hit them. Of course I have been slapped and whatnot by family members, particularly as a kid, and I don't think any such member has ever regretted doing so, but I have never hit back. I've been kicked and pushed around by bullies in school. but again, I never had the courage to even stand up to them, let alone retaliate in some form. I just dealt with it by shutting myself away for a long time and not talking to many people.

  • Да, 3 раза. НЕ ЖАЛЕЮ нисколько, жалею только, что мало досталось :)))

  • No. I would never raise a hand to someone, not even when I'm angry. If I have to defend myself (and I'm talking about if someone is beating me up) then I WOULD strike back. And no, I wouldn't regret it.
  • My mom in anger, and my dad in self defense. Mom touched my stuff, and dad tried to discipline while drunk, with his friend, after he had the radio on so loud i couldn't sleep. Mom and I are bffs now and she's ok. Dad is not in my life anymore, and changed his phone number anyways. Both times i was dragged of to jail for a night. I had a panic attack after the fight with dad because I'd actually drawn a bit of blood (his). As for who called the police on me - first mom's friend while she was still talking with her, and the second time was me.
  • I honestly can't recall ever hitting anyone, but my sis & I used to have some pretty raging fights as kids; we usually just threw stuff at each other. Most of the time it was pretty soft, unharmful objects: pillows, clothes, stuffed animals, books (I had mostly softcover stuff back then)... ...but one time one of us chucked a roller skate. Yes, like the old school metal ones that you could fit onto your shoe. I can't recall WHO threw it (I usually blame her, though, LOL), but it hit a full length mirror & shattered. This was around age 10...so I blame my miserable middle school & high school experience on said mirror & its 7 years bad luck. :)

  • yes! I regretted not hitting those irritants back then. I shouldn't have care so much back then since they're in the wrong as well. Ah whatever, it's over already.

    as long as I know I still have my hao peng yous, it's all that matters:D

  • Yes...Unfortunately I am prone to being pissed easily...
    and I hit my sister twice in her eye giving her a permanant black eye for
    the rest of her life.. {but YES SHE DID DESERVE IT}
    ....I lived to regret it...."so far"

  • Было дело.. ) ,в отношении соседки по коммуналке, когда она украла мои деньги и то я лишь ответила на её атаку ).Конечно жалела,а Вы бы не жалели свой маникюр полностью оставленный в её давно немытой копне миллион раз поверх грязи залитой лаком ? ) А так оплеухи оборзевшим чадам и отчиму к разряду драки наверно причислять не верно ). 
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