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What is your favorite weird food combination? Have your friends ever tried it or do you only eat it in private?

Answers (814)

  • Cherry pie sauce and French fries. Just tried it - was it yesterday or the day before? :| - not too long ago at school, and it was GOOD. It tasted like cherry pie with a teensy bit of extra salt.

  • I would have to say that my favorite weird food combination would be baked potato + butter + soy sauce.

    Yes. That.

    I have gotten weird looks from mentioning it before, lol.

    But the potato goes really well with them :3 <3

  • i already tried banana with soy sauce. it was gross!!
  • Spaghetti noodles, mushroom soup, tuna. Crawdads, crawdads, crawdads. I ate one from a luxury buffet at a casino and it was pregnant. It was like eating caviar. Gross. My dad thinks it's weird to pour syrup all over my bacon and sausage links and ketchup on my eggs. Actually, my tastes are normal. Except when I make gross concoctions that don't taste good even to me. I eat everything with rice, but limit it to dinner foods, not sweet or fruity stuff. And I like to eat Octopus chips. When I worked at a supermarket, I saw this one fat girl eating onions dipped in whipped cream and purple gelatin. Sure, it goes to the same place. But it will also go to waist, and it's kind of gross on your tongue. I don't get people who eat lays potato chips with ketchup on them. My friend Kerry eats chocolate cereal with orange juice in it. She says it tastes like halloween candy.

  • I like to eat ketchup on raw onions.It is really good.I don't know if my friends have ever tried it or not.Another weird food combination of mine,I think,is vanilla ice cream from McDonald's with their french fries dipped in it. 

  • I LOVE a supreme pizza with a full salad on top (French dressing) and Peach schnapps with Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper. Yummy!  They try the drink... not the pizza.

  • Chicken and Banana sandwich. Most of the people I tell don't even want to try it.

  • The best snack ever is a toasted poptart with cream cheese on it ... my friends think I'm insane.

  • Странные... ну, пожалуй, мое пристрастие лить кетчуп, куда ни попадя, например, в пшенную кашу,)) можно счесть странным.)

  • когда ходим в японо-итальянские рестораны, муж заказывает пиццу, а я суши. официанты ни разу(!) не перепутали кому какое меню дать :)
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