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Writer's Block

Mind reader

If you were given the choice to read one other person's thoughts, but only if they could read yours too, would you take it? If so, who would you choose, and why?

Answers (533)

  • Nope. Too much of a minefield; don;t ask if you think you may not like the answer....

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  • If I could read one person's mind it would be my son Jerid's, because he isn't verbal and I just want to know what is going on up in his head. I don't know if I want him knowing what I think. That is the problum. If it was one way, it would be Jerid, but if he has to know what is going on in my head, I think I would just want it for just one day. No one if there wasn't a time limit though, I don't think he needs to know what is going on in my head, I just wish I knew what was going on in his head, so I can help his journey a little more.

  • Будет понос сознания. Все подсознательные страхи и желания всех будут известны всем. Всем будет то стыдно, то грустно, то горько, то смешно. Все открыты как на ладони. Ни рассказать новую шутку, ни придумать рассказ, ни придумать свою идею, ни устроить сюрприз. А где прелести жизни? Зачем это надо? Бывает довольно трудно понять себя, а тут еще море не пойми чего.

  • No. I don't think I would take it. Our thoughts are personal to ourselves. And to be perfectly honest, there is a lot of things happening in my head and I am rather fond of my own personal space. ( ^  _____  ^ )
    So, in short. No, because I believe they are very intimate and secret to the owner and should not be shared.


  • I'd rather not. I don't want to read somebody else's mind for the reason that we are given are own seperate minds for ourselves only -- exclusively! I believe in the importance of privacy.

  • Как это "кого выбрали"? И вообще, все на одного нехорошо-с!

  • I'm not sure I would take the choice, I think that the concept of being careful what you wish for comes into play here.  Everyone has so many thoughts and not all of them are thoughts that they would wish to share with anyone and some probably have thoughts that they don't even like the fact that they thought them.  

    Peoples heads are messy spaces that probably hold enough thoughts to change emotions and the way people view each other because you would be opening yourself up to something you don't fully understand despite the fact you are in your own head. It's a very funny line, but one I'm not entirely sure I would be happy to cross, even less so with someone close to me because of the risk of views being changed around each other through finding out the cold hard truth of how they actually view you in all your positive and negative glory.

  • а так было бы не интересно жить...

  • The person whose mind I would read, if I were to do it, is a girl who is probably my best friend. She already knows almost everything about me and vice versa, and the exceptions we could surely handle. So why would I even want to be able to read her mind, you ask?

    For the very simple reason that we would be able to converse through our own thoughts. I've always thought that would be fucking cool. The possibilities are endless. Plus, she goes abroad for college, so we would be able to keep instant communication from across an ocean. She is one of very few friends I predict I will actually stay close with over the years and thus I'd be much less likely to regret sharing thoughts with her. Oh, and we could be each others' silent wing-woman. I am notoriously bad for making godawful faces when my friends are approached by a less than desirable character. At least with her I could save face (no pun intended) and simply think it to her: "Abort, ABORT! He looks like a fucking rapist!" Intertwining our thoughts to that degree could very well strengthen our friendship, as well. This works out for me as I am terrible at keeping in touch, even with the people I care about most (see: family).

    Even when we're older and she has four kids and I have four cats and maybe one accidental out-of-wedlock child, we could be each others anchors to sanity. It's nice to have a friend when you're feeling the urge to drown yourself in the bath. Maybe the only time it wouldn't be truly useful is when we're old and senile - but I've always said once I can't wipe my own asshole, I don't really want to be around anyway. If I've lived a long, full life, I don't really want to stick around just to drool on myself and shit my pants all day. That's no way to live. Plus, reading our thoughts would probably consist of things like "I like pudding" and "Who are you?" and "What's my name again?"

    I gave it a lot of thought, and yes, I most adamantly would do it.

    - sin
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