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Rescue mission

If someone intentionally set fire to your home and you had ten minutes to get out, would you try to save the arsonist or your belongings?

Answers (694)

  • Well, I don't think I can get all my belongings out in time, but maybe the best use of the arsonists time is going to be PUTTING OUT THE DAMN FIRE.  So if the idiot is still around for me to save, then they're there for me to say, "Now you fix it!."

  • The arsonist .I am so hard up for a date I will take anybody.
  • That is a strange question. Who would want to save the person who tried to destroy your home? But to me, human life is worth a lot more than any of my belongings. If the person who started the fire had managed to trap themselves in the house, I'd have to get them before trying to save anything of value. And my dog would get out first, anyway. Assuming my family weren't inside. I think that answers the question.

  • Why the arsonist? He set my house on freaking fire!! I'll just run around yelling like a manic getting my little sister out (we're always together) and what little money there is inside the house real fast. Then the arsonist if there's enough time, don't need that bastard's death on my conscience. That guy better be expecting a court case though and besides he was asking for it when he set my house on fire.

  • I would have to save the arsonist. As much as I would want to leave that person and collect what I could of my possessions, I could never do something like that to a human being.

  • Wow, Livejournal makes me angrier every day, because of the answers on these questions. Who in their right mind would go out of their way to save the person who set fire to your house?? This is completely mind-bloggling.

    The arsonist deserves to die in those flames s/he set themselves. Why on earth would anyone take pity on them and save them? They started it, they should die in it. I'm not going to try and risk my own life to save theirs, never.
    I can't replace my dogs or my family, so I'll save those first, along with myself.


  • belongings of course! now, meow!

  • Ну конечно же поджигателя.........Во первых,ему и предьявить счёт можно за ущерб!Во вторых,хотя это было бы справедливо назвать-ВО ПЕРВЫХ,спасти человека это ПОСТУПОК,даже если он ..........мягко сказать-негодяй!
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