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Gadget Conundrum

You're going on your dream vacation and you can only take one gadget with you. Camera, music player, cell phone, laptop or something else – what do you bring and why? Which other ones would you miss most?

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  • If it is truly a dream vacation, then it would be gadget free. What would I want for gadgets on a trek through Nepal. I'm sure there would be absolute beauty to be captured with my camera, but since it is a dream vacation, I would realize that I cannot hold onto these moments, nor can I capture the beauty. Is a backpack a gadget? I would need that to carry my clothes, etc.

  • My camera. If I could go anywhere it would be France or Italy. I would want to take a ton of pictures. I would miss my cellphone only for safetly reasons. But the place I would be going would have phones. I love my laptop but I spend way too much time on it. lol It would be good to have a couple of weeks computer free.

  • I'd bring my camera so that I can capture all of the amazing moments and images from this dream of a vacation I'm on :)

    &&I'd say that I'd miss my cellphone the most, but since it's a dream vacation, my boyfriend would be with me, and so I really wouldnt need it...haha :P

  • The only gadget I would need and take is my iphone, it pretty much has everything I possibly need!  (internet, music, apps, email, camara) I just realized all the thing's my phone has, all in 1 =]
  • It'd depend on where I'd be going. However, in the end, I'd end-up taking a lap-top with me. Since, I'd probably die from lack of internet connection. Yet, I'd miss my DSI--love playing games on it (although, I could also use that for connecting to the internet, had I chosen it). But I'd also miss my i-pod, since I love listening to music, a lot.
  • I would most definitely bring my camera! Sure, I would miss my laptop, and my cell phone, but you know...with a camera I can take as many pictures as I wanted so that I could remember the trip instead of sitting online or on the phone. If it's a dream vacation, I don't want to be bothered by the rest of the world, I want to live in the here and now. So, the camera is definitely the best option because I would then have the pictures to go back and look at when I wanted to reminisce about the vacation. :D

  • I'd take my camera. Cause, I want photos to remember where I went like scenery photos. my music player, my cell phone and my laptop.
  • I answered this in the comment to 's post, but I'll put it here, too, primarily because the other Writer's Block things didn't appeal to me and I don't have anything for my ordination blog in quite finished form. And I have nothing deep to say and my head hurts and I should be asleep and... LJ. So what would I take? My iPhone, but I don't think that's really fair because it functions as all of the above. It's not the best camera, but it's the one that gets me to take (and process) the most pictures. And Posterous makes it possible to spam nearly all of my blogs/sites with them, so it's also the one I default to even when I could get a "better" picture with a traditional camera. Besides, I don't always have my traditional camera. I've only once left the house sans iPhone. It's got the iPod software built right in and has a decent selection of my favorite music, so it works as well as my iPod for listening to music and audiobooks. It's a cell phone, whether I primarily use it that way or not. (Usually not.) It's not a laptop, no, and I'd hate to use it for all typing long term, but it's pretty functional for browsing sites, posting to LJ and WP, writing (with WriteRoom), playing games, checking e-mail -- basically the things I do with my MacBook anyhow. So... in order not to miss the other things (because I full admit to my technophilia), I'd take the one that dupes most of them best: my iPhone. NB: I got to the bottom of this post and was selecting the final few options and I noticed a LARGE AMOUNT OF CROSSPOST HARVESTING AD-SPAM. I'm a paid user. I'm not supposed to have to see stupid ads. This is a stupid ad telling me to crosspost to a site and win a $250 Best Buy GC. AND WHAT'S MORE: it has attempted to auto-tag my entry with the name of the site! This is annoying beyond all reason. And it may have soured me entirely on Writer's Block.

  • I would bring my camera with me, because if I'm really going on my dream vacation (Paris, baby!), then I'm going to want pictures to document my memories and adventures. It's one thing to remember everything and attempt to revive those lovely details in your mind, but it's another thing to be able to look at pictures taken at precise moments. I would miss my laptop the most.
  • MY LAPTOP. Oh my god, my laptop. I need my laptop. ;; I guess I should probably say my iPhone cause it has internet and phone and camera and other stuff but gah. Laptop has a webcam. >.> And a normal keyboard. :D
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