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Writer's Block


Daydream believer

If you could choose to control your dreams, would you? If so, what would you dream about?

Answers (743)

  • да

  • обильные полюции

  • Моя мечта - почаще видеть во сне Уфимку. В венце цветов - а не в унижении грязи и мусора...

  • Нет, конечно! Это же так интересно! Каждую ночь новое действие. Сны тем и интересны, что непредсказуемы. Вот сегодня ночью я зарезала пятерых людей (или вампиров... не помню уже). Ну, весело же!))
  • I would like to control my dreams because I'm sick of dying. I barely dream and when I do it's usually stories, but when it's me I dream I'm doing something and then I die. I'm freaking Kenny from South Park. One time I was a black woman running to a burning house to save some kids and a burning beam fell on me. Do you have any idea how much does that hurt? I had back pain for hours. I've been stabbed, beaten and have fallen 3 times (those are the most annoying). For once I would like to survive my own dream. Edit to say: I just remembered I talked about this with my students last week. (The theme was dream and nightmares) One of them asked me if I was ever afraid to go to bed. I said no. For starters, I don't dream about me every night. Most times I don't dream and if I dream it's stories that have nothing to do with me. But when it's me, I don't feel scared before or after. It's annoying when I wake up, but I rarely feel pain and even the pain is mild. Death is just not that scary to me in a dream, even if I don't know I'm in a dream 'til I die.
  • Снами сов?????? ДА!!!!!
  • If I could control them I wouldn't want to. Sometimes life is better with the occasional unknown springing out of nowhere. Sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad. Dreams aren't meant to be controlled but inspired and you can control inspiration.
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  • i wouldnt choose to control my dreams. Their randomness is what makes them so good. some make me see the past others let me see and feels things that i will go through in the future. so picking the dreams myself wouldnt be much fun as just dreaming randomly weird strage events. dreams really are a mystery to me... specially those that make me feel like i am having dejavu. but if i had no choice but to choose my dreams then i would only dream of the moon the sun the ocean... connecting with my surroundings.
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