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Forgive and forget?

Has someone you loved and respected ever done something you consider despicable? If so, how did you deal with it? Did you try to forgive them? Did it permanently change your feelings for them?

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  • i will not forgive

  • 1.Делал
    3,Изменились нвсегда

  • yes , my self

  • Yes. my mother did something unspeakable in my presence when I was just a small child. She betrayed my father, and in turn I felt neglected and thusly rejected. I instantly felt different towards her, an internal need to defy her and attack her. Many times my father made me apologize to her for acussing her of the act she did, or for just being disrespectful in general. Eventually our relationship became tense and distant. I've tried to forgive her to this day and I wish we were closer. If I confront her maybe my feelings of reproach will vanish for her, and we can have a better relationship.

  • My cousin (who lived with us for a few years) used to lock me in my room and beat me. A couple of my friends spread nasty rumors and threw things at me at lunch during school, and one or two guys I dated tried to force things. I thought that I would forgive them all if they would only apologize, but I've learned that I don't have to accept what people have done to me, that it's okay to dislike someone. All those people I 'hated' for a while, but now I just accept that they're despicable people and I'm almost sorry that they turned out that way. But it still hasn't forgiven what they've done.
  • It's only nature that we love and respect someone, but I think we should remember, everyone doing mistakes. And the consequence of loving someone is also have to learn how to forgive. Depend on how dispicable what he has done, we should try to forgive him. But things will never be the same. Forgive doesn't mean to forget. Any wound will leave scar. Depend how deep the wound, the scar will never gone. I will forgive him, but cannot forget what he had done, unless....he try very hard to atone his mistake. There always be second chance. That's my opinion^^
  • Ack, I'm so sleepy. Why am I even posting this? I'm not entirely sure... Oh, maybe that little saying that claims that writing daily improves the mind, or something to that extent. Anyways, I'm sore and my eyes hurt, and I've felt dizzy all day, and I just want to sleep, but something isn't quite letting me. Maybe it's because my bed is a mess and my body is not in the mood to get up to make it. So, I guess I should talk about something to occupy myself. At least until my song is over. Um, ever heard of Sweet Charity? I saw a community theater production of it over April Break when I went to Florida, and I haven't heard it since, so listening to it now makes me all nostalgic and such.

    Speaking of music, it seems I haven't listened to anything other than Disney soundtrack songs or showtunes for the past few weeks. It makes me think that I should broaden my horizons and listen to something, maybe something modern, but then I remember who the prominent music figures of today are and find myself turning my volume up and washing the thought away with good music.

    Oh dear, I've suddenly remembered that I have to learn all of "Closed For Reservations" from Little Shop of Horrors by Monday, because we were supposed to learn it on Thursday night, but I was out on Friday, meaning I'll have to learn it all tomorrow instead and hope we didn't cover anything too important. Gaak, I hate memorizing songs against my free will.

    Hm, maybe I should talk about AWF? I feel like I haven't been doing very much in terms of roleplaying, even if I am typically on Skype with the rest of the site. I'm also pretty worried about being Cissy in 2.0 because I'm not very good at acting Narcissa-ish, so... Whatever. Sigh.

    OOPS. Looks like my song's over. Sorry for the waste of a post, guys!


  • что бы  любимый человек не сделал всегда нужно прощать, с камнем на сердце невыносимо жить....

  • у меня подруга курила я послал ее на три буквы и все
  • Shoot, I could think of a lot of things for different people. So, I'm not going to list them individually, because it'd be a very long list. But, these things include: verbal abuse, physical abuse, being a troll or insensitive for no reason, defending other's insensitive remarks, and cheating/flirting when they're taken. There are times where I've called it out, but there are times when I just shut my mouth because I didn't want to start anything. But, it does make me lose respect for people and it shows me a lot about their character. I'd find it remiss of myself to forget or be in denial of the bad just because there are other good things about them as well. It's hard for me to overlook things, sometimes. I guess I do it when I want to, 'cause then it keeps me from thinking the whole world is bad and amoral and unworthy of being liked or even being socialized with, instead of, y'know, human.
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