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Do you like your birth name? If you had the opportunity to change it, would you? What new name would you choose?

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  • Umm tHey dydnt name mee Froggo, igh hadd tu sort it out for meself. Mygh parents named me Stephen. Can't blame tHem; let's face it, tHey hahd tu regystre mee under S0ME name. Aruond 24^^ later ,and after aruond 14^^ of frog:ly:ness, igh realized tHat ime Froggo, and tHat happened afore igh became pagan!
  • Yes. In fact I'm in the process of changing my name. The name I have is nice, but it's the name of a boy. My parents named me after my sex and it turned out that my gender does not match my sex, so now I'm changing my name to Jessica, to match my gender. Simple as that, from the point of view of a non-operation transexual, anyways. What makes someone a transgender of any kind, or what it's like to be transgender, that would take much, much longer to explain!

  • I like my middle and last name but my first name gets annoying because its way too propular. I would love the name Annabelle through.
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  • I did change my birth name, almost completely. I changed the first name and the last name, but kept the middle name. I absolutely hated it because of how it was used to torment me by other people, including my family.  I was 15 when I changed it and legalised it when I was 16. The only people who know I was ever called anything else are my parents, my husband and my children (because I told them). I became a completely different person. Don't let anyone tell you that names are not important; they have power, whether for good or bad. I went out of my way to give my children names that would be seen as attractive and defensible. So far so good.
  • [The Question was] Do you like your birth name? If you had the opportunity to change it, would you? What new name would you choose?

    [Half this original post was inexplicably chopped. I think I'll steer clear of the writer's block for while. I think there is a coding issue that is beyond me and it has fucked up two posts today. I will reconstruct the missing bit from memory later.]

    I have four names, properly. I am named for both my grandfathers John McDougall and Reid Purdie. Brendan was merely a common name in the Caribbean where I was born.

    My best friend in early grade school in La Ronge, Saskatchewan, was Dana Knarr and she was one of the first to note that my surname was very "Purdie". She called me "dirty Purdie", being sure to pronounce the "t" as a flap. It was mildly annoying at first. Although it did become kinda awesome. I liked how it was grade 2 trangressive: I was dirdy.

    I tried to be John for a while. That was spoiled by a neighbours kid who insisted on correcting the friend I had met as John that my name was ACTUALLYPROPERLY Brendan. It kinda queered the afternoon and our friendship did not continue. Perhaps for the best, he was a very strangely religious. As an early teen I had already five years of atheism on him. I tried Reid. That lasted one interview. And when that turned into a complete waste of time, Reid didn't come up again. With all due deference to Reid Purdie, my memories of him were spotty and not particularly pleasant. He was a sullen drunk and scared me. I have only pleasant memories of John McDougall, but he brought us chocolate bars and had a flattop.

    BJ I have been pretty consistently since moving to South Korea. I have met new people who get annoyed and frustrated with the initials and want the secret power of my True Name. If they are particularly earnest about it, I tend to be more evasive because it's a weird fascination that people. Similarly, older friends who knew me as Brendan (there are none who knew me as John or Reid), sometimes switch to BJ, and for some reason that always sounds hollow or queer to me. Perhaps it is as though that's not the me they know. It is also like when my boys become ex-boys and go from calling me Sir to Brendan (or BJ). It took a long time to get used to hearing my name from them.

    One of my best friends is also Brendan. I always answer for him when our name is called. It filled me with joy that his friend tiiiiIIIIIiiiim would always, in a mild huff, state: "If I want you, I'll say 'BJ', if I want him I'll say 'Brendan.'" Fuck you Tim. It's both our name. Even though I perfectly understood the distinction he was making.

    When I met the Brendan of a Lesser God, the first thing I did was go over and ascertain the spelling of his name. Fortunately for everyone, it is spelled correctly.

    I have an ongoing total of the Brendans I have encountered. I'm up to 16. It would have been 17 if the one at Mr. Bear Ottawa had actually been one of us.

    I have given myself other names over the years, because for whatever reason, I was not really comfortable with mine own. (Now we get to the meat of this question) I have tried out new names and I am not overly happy any of them. On our Podcast (long-on-hiatus-podcast....yeah, yeah), I use another variant. I have a Chinese and a Korean name as is not uncommon when living in the Chinese cultural sphere: I am Bao Deqiang and Yi Songjun; Mr. Bao and Mr. Yi respectively. I like both my Chinese and Korean names. The former was given by my Chinese teacher Wang Laoshi to incorporate my BJ and my corpulence (thanks Wang Laoshi, you're all heart) and the Korean name was given by one of my favourite students Lisa Seo, my boss' daughter. I remember distinctively when she gave it to me. We were discussing Korean and English names in the middle seat of the boss' minivan en route to somewhere. I asked her to tell me her Korean name and she asked about mine in return. We talked about surnames that we liked. We chose "Yi" because it is fairly common. I don't know where "Songjun" came from, she seemed to dream it up right on the spot. I have name chops in Chinese and in Hangul.

    The very long answer to this question is: I have, over many years, learned to really like my birth name. All four bits of them. But I had to work at it for a long, long while. Would I change it? No. But I might claim a new name. Much like I have here. I am quite happily Caestus. You may address me as such, but mind the pronunciation. It's latinate: so hard C [k] and mind the diphthong [ai]. It's ['kaistus]. Otherwise I will answer to BJ. Brendan. Sir. Daddy. John (although it's been ages). Reid (if you're fond of the name and you've an Irish or Scottish lilt cuz it's just so much better thus). Mr. Purdie. Master Purdie. And in a few years, Dr. Purdie (but I would never insist; that'd be crass). Bao Deqiang and Yi Songjun. Or any variant thereof.
  • У меня тоже несколько Имен .Не сразу заметил что это очень сильно меняет некоторые реалии.Но насколько знаю раньше у людей было несколько имен.Да а раздвоенность это не очень здорово.

  • в моей жизни всё как - то делится на два, вот и во мне словно живуть два человечка и началось всё с самого рождения. Родители назвали меня Русланой, но в церкви отказались крестить из - за того, что имя мусульманское, и с этого момента перед Богом я Антонина, а в паспорте так и осталась Русланой. Признаюсь честно, что люблю свои имена, они не так уж и распространённые, и люди всегда обращают внимание на них, а это очень приятно. Но  лучше не давать человеку два имени, это не вредит, но и хорошо не делает, ведь некая раздвоенность в характере всё же есть...

  • I don't really like my birth name because a) a crap-load of other girls have the same name, and b) people keep shortening it to Court.

    It's Courtney people. If I wanted to be called 'Big Room Where People Get Sent To Jail', I'd ask you to call me that.

    And while it sounds silly, I would change my name to Lady, because hello! How totally bamf would it be if I had good reason to answer to 'Hey Lady!'? XD

    I've also always liked the name Mary, no real reason, and Esther. But Esther would be completely weird, as it means star and could you imagine trying to spell that when you're five? ;D

    But the thing is, I've come to identify myself as Courtney. It's who I am and who I have been everyday of my life. I love my name and I'm confident enough in myself to believe that while I may have the same name as you, or hair color or skin color, I am my own person and love it~!

    So while it would be nice to be named something unique and defining, I'm happy with who I am and the person I'm growing into. :)

    Off topic much? XD


    got-fanfiction :3

  • I'm okay with it... for now. I don't like starting at new schools or starting new classes though, because I can guarantee that at least one teacher will mispronounce my name "Dennis". Denise. GET IT RIGHT OR FACE THE ICY GLARE OF DOOM AND GODS HELP YOU IF YOU ARE SHORTER THAN 5'3" BECAUSE I WILL TOWER OVER YOU AND GLARE AN ICY GLARE.... *Cough* Ahem. When I get the opportunity, I'm changing my name to Denver. I may change my middle name as well, probably to Esther Aileene*, in honor of my grandmother, who indirectly helped me learn that I love playing with sticks and string. *or whatever my grandmother's middle name was... I know it began with an A, and was a bit of an odd name... i'll have to check some stuff... I'll come back and fix this when I know for certain.
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