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Do you judge people based on their taste in music? How has musical taste either enhanced or detracted from your relationships (including friends, roommates, and romantic partners)?

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  • I sure as Hell have been; living in a post-Beatles world is a pain in the ass. Men may cheat more, but women are more vapidly obsessed with being Groovy; Yeah Baby, Yeah! than are men, in my experience (and that. likely is the only The Man Show-esque lapse I'll ever publicly make).
  • По музыкальным пристрастиям можно очень много сказать о человеке))) Да.

  • I don't really judge people based on their music tastes, but I do like having friends that have the same musical tastes as me.  It gives us something to talk about and stuff.  I do get annoyed when someone says that another person's music is crap and stuff though.  I mean, everyone should be allowed to like whatever they want.  ;)

  • As someone whose life is mainly composed of sitting in my room with my Media player on blast, I have to say that in some ways, I do judge people based on what they like to listen to. Now call me wierd or something of the sort, but I love music for its lyrics and the literature. The symbolism and story that is has to tell. So any song, regardless of genre, that sounds good and has great meaning or has a wide window for interpretation, is a good song to me. I have noticed a pattern in a way I choose my friends. If I can sit on the phone and do nothing but sing with one another while my media player is on shuffle, not pertaining to one genre, but the various ones in my playlist, well... I have to say that it a truly magnificent human being, and those are the kind of people I hang around with. So the answer is yes, music effects my relations, but for the most part, it only enhances. With music one can go nowhere but up.

  • Not at all. That's because I like to hear to Classic, Rock, Heavy Metal, Punk, Techno, etc. If you can discover what kind of person I am, tel me. I don't know how would you make it, but anyways... It really, doesn't works.

  • Well, I don't judge people on what music people listen to just how they interperate it. I do tend to get on better with people who have the same music taste as me but then again I listen to anything from Paramore to Eminem. Like I said, with friends, I tend to get on better with people who have the same music taste as me. For "romantic partners", it doesn't bother me at all. The boy-I-like at the moment is into dance music more than my type but we get on like a house on fire =)
  • В моем случае, музыкальные пристрастия не оказывают практически не какого влияние при оценки людей. Хотя до пускаю возможность, что иногда закрадываются размышления на эту тему. Допустим активный человек, наверняка слушает танцевальную музыку, потому что она соответствует его ритму жизни. Классика допустим соответствует человеку утонченному, и вероятно этот человек консерватор. Конечно же, это все условно, но иногда мысли совпадают с человеком :)

  • I try not to judge people on their tastes, be it musically or anything else, but I think everyone to an extent is judgmental, whether they voice it or not. Music has been good to me though. My best friend, Alex, we have different tastes in music but on some bands and songs we agree on. For example, He hates All time low, wereas I love them with a passion. But regardless of that he learnt one of my favourite songs of theirs on guitar and played it to me, which was pretty sweet. We still pick fun at eachothers tastes, but its all in fun and music has definitely brought us a lot closer :)

  • I do judge people on the type of music they listen to. People who like the same music I do, I prefer to hang out with.. Mostly its people who like Punk Rock, Metal, 80's rock.. Electronica. Those types of music.. And I don't listen to pop or hip hop or rap like others, and most of the time, not all, I don't become good friends with them, and normally if I do, it won't last. And it doesn't. 
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