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If you were given a life do-over card, would you keep it or give it to a friend? If you kept it, would you prefer to be born to the same or different parents? Would you want to keep your memories?

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  • I'd get different parents without mental disorders. I wouldn't keep my memories because they'd either be bad or make me remember what I used to have, which would defeat the whole purpose. There are parts of life I'd like to do over just to see if I could make them better. I never went to a single board meeting at Vertis, for example, even though I was invited several times. I wanted to get home, so I missed out on vital information I could have used later. I probably would start over my education and focus on getting an education degree or whatever you need to teach college or high school instead of listening to an art teacher's bad advice about going into prepress. Either that, or I'd move to where they have prepress jobs, or actually commit myself to driving an hour to two hours a day to get to the prepress job I wanted, until I could move out there. Another thing I could have done differently - during that whole year of unemployed prepress job seeking, I could have applied to whatever shit job I could find instead of pipe dreaming.

  • Wow. I'm really not sure, I definitely did not have stellar parents. Or anything remotely resembling a leave it to beaver childhood (or Cosby, wonder years, insert your show of choice). Parents shouldn't be self-serving and children shouldn't spend their formative years in bars, but I was loved and that counts for something. Also, if I changed my parents, that would also change my other relatives and people who came in and out of my life. All those things, the people, places and experiences made me who I am today... and frankly I like me. I would keep it if I could just use it for a couple minor do-over's. I wouldn't have let myself be guilted into allowing Scary Spice's biological father into her life. The man was quite content to not only ignore her (even when she was with her half sisters whom he did see), to the point that blessfully she only knew him as their father and not old enough to put 2+2 together. He only wanted her to be told, and spend time with her because that was what his new wife wanted, or thought she wanted. That only lasted a couple years, the rest just was an exercise in heartbreak, especially when he gleefully let DH adopt her. Yah a prize. The ONLY time my mother was right and I didn't listen, she said I should have told her that her dad was dead. It would have saved her a lot of grief. Another do over I probably would have let my mother blow a lot more of her cash has I known she wasn't going to be around longer. Instead of saving for her future care, she could have indulged and bought every piece o crap advertised on the back of the Enquirer that caught her fancy...she might have been happier, or maybe not. I might give it to one of my kids (and you all know which one that would be don'tcha ;P)

  • As difficult as things have gotten over the years, and as many people I have met that I wished I hadn't met, I really don't want to change anything. Life is about change and growth. Who is to say that taking away a single awful moment won't mean losing a good one, or that a rotten un-friend could mean losing a really good friend?

    Nature abhors a vacuum. Take away something and you leave a void, a vacuum, and Nature is going to find something to fill it up. It might turn out to be something less pleasant than the unpleasant moment you'd rather not have experienced. That's the thing, though. Life is messy and it's painful and dirty and sometimes really nasty, but then Life surprises you with moments of wonder and beauty and goodness. It may not always balance out, but the alternative is bound to be much worse.

    I'll take what comes and leave what's in the rear view mirror alone. I'm not sure I'd like what would rush in to fill that vacuum Nature abhors. I am the sum of my experiences -- all of them.

    As one friend said to this question, if I hadn't led an interesting life, I would have nothing to write about.

    That is all. Disperse.

  • Предложение заманчивое, но я бы отказалась!
    У меня велика любовь к своей жизни, я не хочу рождаться заново. В каждом этапе жизни есть свои интересы и назад возвращаться не хочется))) Хочется идти дальше и не останавливаться)

  • Well, well. A life do-over card. So many of us would jump at the chance wouldn't we? To just be able to be reborn into someone new, to someone new. Most of us would take it without a seconds thought. Some of us may have just been through something, or going through something that leads us to believe our life is pathetic and unworthy. So when a life do-over card sneaks into our hands we'll take it.. and hope for the best that life doesn't bite our arses again.
    Personally, people are too quick to throw away everything they have. No offence, but those people are selfish. They are so quick to take everything they have and re-do it. They don't think about thngs in there life, such as family, friends, even people they see every day for most of there life who they don't look twice at... have you ever thought that maybe you make someones life different? Happy?
    But there are some people who do deserve a second chance at life, those who have lost their way. Those who really don't have much going in there life, but are brave enough to stick through it. They are the ones who deserve this life do-over card. The ones in our world who when their world is empty and worthless, they put on a fake smile and live... They don't pity themselves, they don't ask for attention by taking drugs, getting drunk every day, fighting or self harming.. they just live and be brave.
    So if i had a life do-over card, i'd seek these people out and tell them how brave they are and how they deserve to give life one more shot.

  • Я бы хотела родиться у других родителей,а воспоминания хотела бы оставить.

  • помню, когда училась в школе, самое большое желание было - снова начать учиться, но помнить все, что уже прошел! Так, класса с пятого с мозгами из десятого :)

  • If I were given a life do-over-card... I wouldn't keep it.. I would definitely give it to a friend. Everything in my life has made me.. me. I love my parents and my family, and my life. I would want to keep my memories.. Although some are not pleasant, but they are who I am, and shape my life. 

  • Последнее время меня больше терзает вопрос, угораздило же меня родиться в этой стране.

  • No. The cost is all my life. My family, my friends, my self. Everything that I have succeded and everything that I have failed, everything that I have lived and everything that waits me as I am now... No. I will not pay that price no matter what.
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