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Writer's Block


Mega Bite

If you could own a restaurant, what type of food would you serve, and what would you call it?

Answers (542)

  • живя в Италии, конечно бы, открыла бы русский ресторан, хотя, наверное, пришлось бы его совмещать с интернациональной. Но есть желание открыть здесь пирожковую. )))

  • I actually dream of owning a bakery and am taking classes in the near future to prepare for it. A cupcake (and cake) bakery would be lovely. It would be a retro 50's theme, with classic movies and rock music playing. All the cupcakes would be named after awesome rock songs and we would specialize in kick ass cakes. Naming is tricky, all the good ones are taken... 

  • пингвинов, так бы и назвал - мясо пингвина. хули тут думать то

  • I would serve italian and mexican food. It would also have a bar. I would call it Hole in The Wall.
  • Indian Food, I'd call it "Curry in a Hurry"

  • If i could own a restaurant or bar, It would probably be reminiscent of the decadent British Victorian era with a gothic twist. i'd call it Dracula's son or something or other. the inside would be fashioned with burgundy ruched velvet curtains, standing candelabras, chandeliers, and dark wood paneling against a floral print wallpaper. It would be really fun and theatrical like Jekyll and Hyde in New York City. I would have all my staff dressed in waist coats, corsets, and high-collared blouses. I would play music like Versailles, Bach's toccata and fugue, moi dix mois, and the midnight syndicate. On other nights, I would host balls for waltzing. I would specialize in stocking an assortment of red wines, making sure to keep on hand "vampire"  and "sangre de toro" for kicks. we would have a little stage for weekly entertainment. Theatrical comedy skits, tasteful burlesque acts, tap dancing numbers, and show-tune singing could take place. The menu would only have amusing entrees and drink names like the slaughtered lamb (lamb-chops), gutted pig (pork-chops), and bloody Mary. I might even throw in some props like a laughing skeleton in pirate's attire.

  • If i owned a restaurant i would call it Jeremiah's because thats my middle name. I would serve soul food and it would be a buffet. That means all you can eat ribs, neck bones, collard greens, cabbage, corn, bbq beans, yams, mac and cheese, dressing, chitterlings, and all the others. Haa, yeah i think my buisness woould boom in the city that i live in.

  • Hmm ... I'd probably own an Asian restaurant and serve various curries and satays. Knowing me, I'd call it "Eat Wok You Want."
  • i'd like to have an italian restaurant! i'd call it the purple violet!

  • I used to run one that was too fancy, and work was all of 24/7 so I turned to my kitchen at home and found my calling - I now write and cook. Show me your pantry and fridge and I will whip up a gorgeous meal that is also edible. If I were to do it over again, I suppose I would rather open one in every good home I know with plenty of leftovers waiting to be recycled.  I'd call it Gourmet to Go...
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