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What is one food that you refuse to try? Why?

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  • Cow's brain.. why? it's a brain with that tiny gyrus.. i couldn't think how could i ate that.. my mom's family actually luv to ate it, they said it's good to deep-fried them with eggs then ate it with sambal (fried chili sauce) n rice.. but for me.. no thanks *giggles*

  • I'm not all that keen on trying snails - Not even if you give them a fancy name with a fancy sauce. 

    A snail by any other name is still a snail. 

    I just discovered that May 24th is National Snail Day. 

    So...Does that mean you're supposed to eat them or give the snails a break that day?

  • Collard greens and liver, I am not to picky about my food but those are two things that I won't try no matter what.
  • There are so many foods that I would never try. I'm quite the picky eater. Firstly, condiments. I will not go near mustard, relish, mayo, miracle whip, horseradish, and I will only eat ketchup if it's with fries or chicken fingers or fish. Ketchup on eggs or mac & cheese is just disgusting! No salad. No salad dressing. No chip dip. No blue cheese. No vinegar on french fries. No sour cream on a baked potato, or in anything for that matter. If I know it's in there, I won't eat it. even if I can't taste it. If there is too much butter on toast, the toast becomes disgusting. In restaurants, I usually scrape some of the butter off. Pickles are nasty. Some restaurants will have the pickle touch part of your burger or fries. Anything that has come into contact with pickle juice is no longer edible. I will not eat cheese by itself. I will only eat cheese on pizza, on subs, in mac & cheese, on fries, on nachos, with chili, and in other Italian foods. String cheese is nasty. I will not eat cheese on a cracker or on a toothpick. I do not like onions. I do not like tomatoes. I do not like any green vegetables. As far as vegetables go, I will only eat potatoes and corn. I will not eat any strange sauces (only barbeque and maranara). I will not eat sour cream and onion potato chips. I will not eat salt and vinegar potato chips. I don't know what the hell chives are, but I won't touch those either. I will not eat dog, cat, or horse, cause...eww. Everything that I haven't mentioned, I either like, don't like but I'd be willing to suffer through it, haven't tried but would probably try it, or forgot to mention it on this list. 


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  • I would have to say things with brains in them. I hear diseases are a commonplace for brain eaters. Seriously, mad cow and aids :( Also, gonads. It doesn't really seem right to eat gonads :/ So, it's pretty weird when you have a full day with no classes. I just goofed off today and spent like, five minutes doing homework. Well, in the future, this seems to be my do homework and relax day.
  • Anything that has eyes and / or a mouth. I've switched to a vegetarian diet, and I'm glad I did, especially when you have beef slaughterhouses in Canada now processing horse meat for Europe and Japan.
  • Snails and clams, to a lesser degree octopus/squid. They look all rubbery/slimy, and I'm rather sensitive about food texture, so they squick me out. I'd like to try octopus or squid IF it could be made in a way that eliminated the rubber-like percieved texture, but I'm not sure that's even possible.
  • I refuse to try carp. It sounds really disgusting.
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