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How many apps do you have on your mobile phone? Which apps do you use the most?

Answers (49)

  • None. My phone is too old and cheap for that stuff. I can make/get calls, and text. And really, I don't need anything else. And not having to pay $50+ per month is also pretty damn nice. If I want to use the internet, I have a computer. Rofl. Camera phone would be nice, but...eh.
  • Um, I have a mobile phone. An old one that as far as I know has only one app and that is to download ringtones.
  • How many whats on my what? I live and work outside of any cell phone reception. In fact, I spend most my time away from phone reception. Not worth it to have a smart phone. Maybe if I find a job somewhere there is a signal.
  • 1. None 2. None 3. I hope to never bother using any because the less I have to depend on a cellphone for anything, the better.

  • Well I don't ever really use apps on my phone so I have them taken off because paying for them is always a hassle. I'm with Verizon and I love the network but I can see Sprint becoming a much larger success as it is now that its upgraded to 4G technology.  I have never really had much interest for the apps at all. I don't have much use for them. But now that my financial status is where it should be for a 17 year old employed young adult, I'm hoping with all the extra cash I will be able to pay for internet service :)
  • I don't have a mobile phone. Neener neener.
  • ooo i like this question. answer? zero. my phone has NO apps. it texts and does calls. that's it. which is just fine with me. i never use it anyway.

  • I think it's hilarious that nobody on lj will admit to having apps. I don't have any either-I haven't even turned my phone on this week. Oops. I miss rotary phones. On the other hand, downloading the kindle app for my PC has changed my life. I thought it was a dumb idea until I tried it-but it is now way too easy to impulse purchase books. I don't have the "where will I put it" concern anymore.

  • I have no apps on my phone because it doesn't do fancy stuff like that. The End.
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