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What gives your life special meaning and purpose? Do you think it's important to leave a lasting mark on the world? If so, what form do you think this will take?

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  • Добрые,полезные дела, любовь к людям наполняют нашу жизнь смыслом.

  • Естественно дети. Это самое важное, что может оставить после себя любой человек. 
  • Живу интересно. Пишу, рисую. Посещаю профессиональные литературные и художественные мероприятия, активно уааствую в них. Могу присовокупить к сему соответствующую.ссылку. Лия
  • Я художник, писатель , журналист. Участвую в выставках, в Литературных клубах: Московитянка, Магистраль,Детских писателей. Состою в клубе любителей графики. Бываю часто в театрах и т.д. Пишу и рисую. Это моя жизнь.

  • For the majority leaving a lasting mark on the world is but a dream.  Whats important to make a mark on is the people that surround us, hell the people we only see once in our life, for but a brief moment, are just as important in this respect.  Helping people and letting people help us to see a better way of being, doing and living in the world will leave a lasting mark, even if only on that one person.  We can inspire people to be more and want others to be more,  and if we all did this we would truly leave a lasting mark on the world.  When i say more i speak about how we treat eachother, how we deal with conflicts, conciquences and successes.  Im talking about acting as though the whole world acted with you.  Whether someone remembers we made that mark on them or not is not important, what is is that it was made.  Though to help someone you have to understand them, especially when it comes to the parts you dont agree with.   this all sounds like i stole it from hailey joel osmith or whatever his name is.  To sum up, i dont think its important to make a lasting mark on the world itself.  But it would be easy if u look at in the respect of making a mark on someone you love, someone who is your world, and you would do that like you would with all other people, spread love, understand them, and help them to see whats really important, and thats the people, because withought eachother its a lonely world. 

  • My writing letters to my parents since their death. My brother and I set up an email account where we send them emails whenever we log in - which is almost daily - about our day and how much so and so's grown since they passed, and it makes us feel better. Well, it makes me feel better, at least. Our maternal aunt Jessie is the one who has the password besides us, and she writes Mom every once in a while. We log in to mark them as read and put them in saved, but we don't read the emails. We feel it's an invasion of privacy.

    I feel it's very imprtant to leave a lasting mark on the world, even if it's the smallest thing, like helping someone or donating an egg or sperm (or both) to an infertile couple or a gay couple, or helping the homeless and volunteering at homeless shelters. I think that doing the little things in life will make a bigger impact than, say, starting in a movie would, even though that one's pretty big.

  • Мои дети.Вот мой след в этом мире.

  • Hmmm, I think most people wish to leave a lasting mark on the world in order to feel that their existence has not gone unnoticed, and probably it is no different for me. However, at the same time, I think that all existences will be forgotten sooner or later, even if we leave a mark. For me, I reckon it may take shape in the form of helping those, who are in need of it or ask for it. Hope that makes sense. ^_^

  • Anytime spent contemplating what gives meaning to your life is time well spent. Each person should or must answer this question for him or herself. The French philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, who proudly proclaimed himself an Existentialist, said that it is the duty of everyone to strive to create meaning in life. Why, because human beings are condemned to freedom. Condemn because no matter how much human being may detest freedom and seek to avoid it, there is no getting away from our being free to make ourselves into the best kind of persons we are capable of becoming. We exist but what we are is a matter of choice, not luck, genetics, nor the stars.  The key idea is captured in the existentialist motto: existence before essence. 

    In answer to the question what provides meaning in your life, the answer is you do by your thoughts, actions, and deeds. You are born free and must create meaning in your life for yourself by being the person you wish to become.        

  • It's the people within it that make my life important and worth living. I've been saying for a while now that "My life is not my own", which it truly isn't. I think it's important to leave a lasting mark on people in general. Not everyone will be able to address the audience as a whole, i.e. the world, but who's to say that you aren't going to speak to someone who will be that person? Ah, see what I did there? Of course you did lol.
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