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Talk to the animals

What would you do if your pet dog or cat suddenly started to talk to you, but nobody else could hear it? Would you assume you'd gone mad or simply be happy for the company? Would you try to convince your friends and family or would you be satisfied keeping it to yourself?

Answers (937)

  • The cat who said "No"...
  • Insanity is alone, and a comfort

  • I would be sooo happy! I would want the secret to myself and first thing I would do is have an interview with my puppy Millie

  • А я не только с животными раговариваю. Вот салонник ,например, не животное и не человек, а личность все равно приятная =-)

  • А чего тут удивляться-то, я со своими буренками кажный день разговариваю, а иначе никак, не поймут если не разговаривать с ними.
  • I talk to inanimate objects all the time when I'm pissed. I'd just be that crazy guy down the block who talks to animals.
  • I'd tell it to get out of the damn garbage can and it would understand me. Unfortunately, it would probably mean that the dog would ask for special favors, like extra treats and parts of my meals. The German shepherd hovers too much as it is. However, I'd like to know why the hell it attacked that old paint bucket and not the new one we bought it.

  • обрадовался!
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