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Writer's Block



What is your favorite place in the world? What makes it so meaningful to you? How often do you visit or imagine being there?

Answers (809)

  • Бирск вспоминаю постоянно Город-городок моего детства. Не была там уже 7 лет!
  • I actually have two in this world... The ocean and the forest. I just love them...Can't really say more. I'll let the energy and/or feeling that cometh through speak for itself....smile. Hugs, me

  • I think my favorite place to be is my bedroom because it's the best place for me to think about things. Especially my parents' deaths. But to get my mind off of that, I read a lot in my room leaning back against one of those husband pillows. I mostly read the books that I haven't read yet or haven't read in a while. But I read the ones that I'm currently reading first because I have a lot of them. My bedroom is meaningful to me because it has a lot of, if not all of, my personal belongings in it, and I'd hate to lose anything, especially my mother's engagement and wedding rings that she willed to me after her death. I spend a lot of time every day in my room, actually. My brother has to drag me out almost kicking and screaming for our dinner dates every night, where we talk about everything but our parents. Our parents are sort of a sore spot for the two of us. Our friends know not to bring it up, though. We're still coming to terms with it. We'll survive, though.
  • My favorite place in the world is my family's cabin on the water. It was built by my great-Grandpa, Joe. It is a tiny, simple cabin nestled around more elaborate waterside mansions. It takes five minutes to walk barefoot down to the water. My family's been going there for as long as I can remember. There are videos of me floating in the harbor in my little innertube while my mom or my uncle holds it by a string. This place is everything to me. It is beautiful and wild. It is full of heritage and imagination and adventure. Nothing outside matters. You can breathe. You can zip through the water watching the sun sparkle and the waves splash. You can feel the spray on your face and laugh and keep going anyway. You can attempt to lay in a hammock and laugh when you fall out. You can run around all day in your bathing suit and not feel a bit of shame. It's hard to explain. There's a furry chair. There are old books. One rainy day I found a copy of Alice's Adventure in Wonderland and read the whole book in one sitting. I can sit on the point and stand on the rocks in the sunshine and think. I can watch the birds and the turtles. I can feel the wind in my hair. I'll be there in a week.

  • One of the main things  I miss the most about being at NEC is the river. Whenever I was having  a particularly bad day  I would go sit by the river and think about what was bothering me. All my bad thoughta I felt were intstanly washed away down stream.   I feel a similar way when  I am on a nature hike and pass by a water fall or when  I walk on a jetty and look out at the ocean.  It makes me feel more at peace with whatever is on my mind especially  if I am stressed out or anxious.


    and cheesy as it sounds another place where I feel totally peaceful is in a theatre watching a play.  No matter what play or musical  I am watching I always  feel at peace watching it because it my momentary escape from reality.

  • Sunset beach in Okinawa Japan. When I lived there I went there a lot, even though I couldn't swim I would try, and my sister and I shared great memories there. One day I want to see that beautiful place again, whether I can get in the water or not. I miss being able to see the beautiful sunsets and fooling around in the ocean, but I know one day I'll see it again...and hopefully it'll be with my soul mate. ^///^
  • The beach [namely the ocean] is my absolute favorite place. I go there when I'm in any mood. If it's during the summer, I swim in the water and jump the waves. When there are very huge ones people usually dive under them. However, I love the feeling of jumping the big ones and seeing how high I can really jump. If I get pummeled, that's my own fault. I second-guessed myself or underestimated the wave, which one should never do. NEVER underestimate the ocean. Doesn't matter to me, I'll still swim in the ocean in May. It'll be cold as hell, but I absolutely love it. I also love visiting different locations and seeing how different the water looks, how the waves break, the difference in the current. At Sea Bright, the water's a dark blue, slate-ish color. There's a higher salt content, so the density's a big higher. The waves break much closer to shore, making it difficult to surf. In LBI, the water's a bright blue, like a turquoise color. The waves break in sections. Some break farther away, some are in the middle, and then some are near shore. It's always difficult for me to get out of the water once I get in because I'm determined to not be carried away by a wave. When it's cooler out, I go in any mood. I'll go when I want to simply lie on the jetty and appreciate the sound of the waves, soak up the sun, and ponder my life and dreams. If I'm upset and need clarity, or just need to get away, you'll most likely find me right back on that jetty, overlooking the ocean. Except, this time, I often stare out at the water with a melancholy look on my face, glance at the seagulls, and trace my fingers through the water. I'm always staring up at something, melancholy but still full of hope that things will get better. If I'm angry, I walk along the shore and I stomp throughout the water, not caring at all if I'm wearing flip-flops, or sneakers and socks. I'll soak myself if I have to, but I stomp out my frustrations along the shoreline. If I'm feeling like a kid, I'll plop myself on the shoreline, in my bathingsuit, and draw in the sand and let the waves splash up on me. Most often this means I'll have sand in the crotch of my bathingsuit, but that's what they made showers for, right? No matter where I move to, and where I am in life, I absolutely have to be near the ocean. That's part of the reason it was hard being at NEC; I didn't have my safe haven to go to when I was upset. My friends and the river are nice to go to, but it's not the same as the one thing that brings me to equilibrium.

  • My fave place right now is my mind. Its the only safe place for me where i have total control of who experiences it.

  • I'd have to say my favorite place in the world is my grandma's house or, more specifically, her yard. She babysat me from when I was a baby to when I was eight years old, so I grew up in her house almost as much as I grew up in my own. We don't go there as often as I want to, because we moved away from that town almost nine years ago. But we're going there this summer :))
    Here are some of the (many) reasons why I love her house: 
    - The grass is always soft and doesn't have any sticker weeds in it
    - When she leaves the doors open it's really breezy and cool
    - The whole front of the living room is made up of windows
    - She always has really good Popsicles and Lucky Charms, which I never get at home
    - There are two oak trees in the front you can sit under
    - It's across the street from a Krogers
    - The driveway slopes down which is perfect for riding bikes and stuff
    - Whenever we're there, my whole family is there too [: 

  • my fav. place is Finland.. Because I love Finnish People.. They have got so deep feelings..
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