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Writer's Block


Old enough!?!

What do you think the lower age limit should be for LiveJournal and other social networks, and why?

Answers (338)

  • I think that the websites that I have accounts on that immediately come to mind - Facebook, LiveJournal - should stay at fourteen because little kids don't need to be on the sites.

  • Honestly, who cares. All of everything in the world is government protected and people are way too sheltered from the real, outside world. If a kid wants myspace...why the hell not? And if you don't want your child on there, lock your computer. It's not a big deal and I'm sick of people always restricting things. If you're not where you're supposed to be, you'll learn your lesson sooner or later.

  • well i think around 10 because every kid has feelings and they dont often get to express there feelings so i think from 10 and beyond people should have a livejournal:) 
  • I think old enough to write. Like age 4 or 5. But if under 13 they should have a parents supervision obviously. I would encourage everyone to keep a diary tho. I started a diary at the age of 12 and still keep a private notebook. I like those black and white speckled composition bks., I've got like 60 of them now. It's nice to reflect sometimes on where one's been. And how one has changed.

  • i dont think there should be an age limit. its an online journal so if they want to use it they should be able to. but when it comes to all internet sites they should be careful.

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  • I don't think there should be a limit. It is the parents job to learn the child which sites the child is and is not allowed to surf on. If the child is eager enough it will find away to come in, anyways! Plus, some adults can be as unmature and even more, than a girl on 13.

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  • If they can type, if they can be interested in social media, they're old enough.

  • ya.. that's right.. i just went back to an old one cuz im too lame to actually go on the prompt of the day.
    i just thought.. i should come on and do somethign cuz i haven't been writing alot in the last couple (or more) days.
    ..and i was reminded that i havent even signed in for a while

    so basically i have been reading alot lately..
    not what i was supposed to be..
    omg ihaven't done any homework this weekend at all..
    i love high school
    i feel like im in grade 10 again.

    im really excited right now..
    cuz ihave a gathering that's been planned righ now :)
    it's in a couple weeks but .. what eves
    i get to see people

    and i jsut planned that i get to go see french play next year..it's been like a really long time :(

    plus tomorrow's a day 2:)
    plus i think im getting pants :)

    omg i still have to go clean my room,
    do some homework.
    all while watching my newly paid back
    first season merlin :)

    so.. to the prompt
    :( ok maybe not..
    i have too many prompts to do..
    *random* dr. who. also.

    omg i cant wait to get to the end of school
    and i should get a job.
    omg resume.
    and i need to do my scholarship thing..
    is that even hwo you spell it.

    does anyone even have anyone idea what the fuck is on this internet.
    have you seen avenue q?
    the internet is for porn.

    i personally choose not disclose what i do on the internet.
    not because it's dirty 
    but because it's none of your buisness.. 
    or i talk to you all day long about it. 

    but seriously
    there's ALOT of crazy stuff.
    child abuse.


    im not even sure children should be allowed on the internet at all.
    omg i fucking hate pop ups.
    thanks i dont need to see girls in bikini's all day lonng.

    you really have to know your way around it
    you have to know where you're going .
    and just trust your friends.
    and makes sure you know what you're doing.
    and who you're talking to.

    i freaking love the internet.
    but it's soo retarded.
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