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Who is your favorite TV character of all time? Why did s/he make such a big impact on you? Do you collect any memorabilia? Did s/he inspire you creatively in any way?

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  • One of my favorite all time tv characters is definitely Fred Sanford.I know Sanford and Son is old and corny,but it's still funny to me after all these years.

  • This question is so easy to answer! It is and always wil be the totally hot Dr. Arizona Robbins, played by the totally sexy Jessica Capshaw. The reason why is I just fell in love with her form the beginning! I mean how could you not? With her beautiful blue eyes and her amazing dimpled smile! She is just gourgeus! And the way Jessica portrays Arizona is amazing! With the bubbly prsonality and the 'weely sneks' as Arizona once refered to them as she is just irristable! And I love her!
  • Sadly, it's Doctor Who. I watched episodes of it since I was a little kid (until it was taken off PBS and replaced with crap), and my friend has been nice enough to record it on DVR. As a child, I made up a character called Doctor Woof, which I have plans for once I get my current comic done (also inspired by Doctor Who, but this one is a parody of Castrovalva and doesn't directly feature anything like the Doctor). I think about the Flatmate episode every time I answer the phones at work ("Can I put you on hold to eat a biscuit?"). Before I saw that one, I imagined how Doctor Who might solve problems at a call center better than a regular person would. The show introduced me to the song "As Time Goes By" and the meaning of the word "melancholia", and the show got me fascinated with the concept of other dimensions. Watching the show in the eighties is pretty much what brought me and my dad together. It was a happy time we had together, amidst not-so-happy ones. I can ignore the atheist stuff in the storyline (like the Jagaroth and the evolution subplot about cromangons vs. dinosaur people) because it's not essential to the overall story anyway. I've drawn my furry avatar in Tom Baker costume before. I don't think I'd care about Britain if not for Doctor Who. In grade school, I made friends with Miss Davis, my art teacher, because we both liked Doctor Who. In summary, it's not like Spider Man or something where I watched it and decided to become a scientist. It was just a great place for getting ideas and a little bit of happiness. Possibly some confidence.

  • На счет всех времен не знаю, а вот на данный момент очень нравится сериал "Доктор Хаус". В центре внимания очень глубокие, цельные личности (с психологической точки зрения). Есть чему поучиться, присутствует момент настроя на правильную волну (умение прислушиваться к себе-настоящему и к людям). Так вот, просмотр этого сериала помогает  структурировать себя и свою деятельность, в том числе и творческую.

  • нет, не повлиял. может быть потому что я сам себе интересен. и верю, что так с каждым человеком.
  • Angela Chase is the whole of me an nearly every way good an bad. I just recently purchased the boxed set of My So Called Life havent watched it yet but I will later today!

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  • Well I'd have to go with a draw between Dean Winchester ♥ & Angel, and I guess I'd add the Doctor in there, but I haven't seen enough to choose which one I like the most yet! :P [though I'll probably end up with 10 being my favourite, like everyone else!]

    And to prove my nerdiness & craziness over these characters... I actually went through this entire Writer's Block comments to find out which fandom (inc. all characters from the show & spin-offs) of my 3 won! xD For you info, Dr Who had 52 mentions, Buffy 33, & Supernatural (remember, it has no spin-offs, so its disadvantaged) had 13 :D
    lol, so there you go. My newest seems to be the most popular!

    now, to get to the point of the writers block... I'll answer the rest of the questions! :P
    Dean: He's absolutely amazing -the demon hunting, the car, the classic rock, the brother (lol, Sam's cool too!), everything! & I am loving the show ;) Can't wait till season 6!!! [not to mention he is smokin' hot!! xD]

    Angel: The character that pretty much got me into fanfics & fandoms! Also the show opened the way to a whole world of TV that I had, until I discovered Angel last year, completely missed out on. And hey, he's an awesome (real, non-sparkly) vampire! :D

    The Doctor: I've only recently started watching, as I said, but I already know that I've hit something big... massive in fact. I keep running into fans all over now, without even really looking. And it's a seriously cool show! :D -& so is Torchwood!

    Memorabilia-wise I've got tons of Supernatural magazines -I've started collecting- and posters too, & all 4 seasons on DVD so far, of course. I've also got an Angel poster, & DVDs, & nothing else, really... :(

    Creatively, I've written a fanfic crossover between Angel & Dean [And Spike, Sam, Bobby & Wesley are also in it ;)] so hell yeah they've influenced me creatively -that's the first fanfic I've ever written! Also drawn them both a couple of times, as well as made TONS of wallpapers for my computer -especially of Supernatural, coz I keep getting requests :P
    & I have yet to draw one of the Doctors, but I probably will eventually! I've alreay drawn the Daleks! lol.

    haha. very nice questions, I think they worked well!! sorry for the long random talk about nothingness!
  • I love hannah montanah..don't know why I love her but yeah..love her lol

  • This is such a toss-up between Sam Tyler from Life on Mars, whom I have an infinite connection with and both exclusively and obsessively roleplay and John Simm's version of the Master from Doctor Who.

    I'll probably have to go for the latter, of whom I own a perfect replica of his ring (the £90 version + P&P), laser screwdriver, plastic version of his ring, life-size cardboard standee, magazines, all his action figures, posters, trading cards, fob watch and much, much more. He is also the first character I roleplayed and is single handedly responsible for making me a slasher, getting me into fanvids and also writing (albeit bad)  fanfic. He's devilishly perfect in every way and I'm proud to use the pseudonym 'Lucy Saxon' .
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