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Do you believe in luck? Do you think some people are luckier than others? Do actions cause reactions or are there intervening forces beyond our control that govern our destinies?

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  • I was unbelievably lucky today. My insurance company had dropped me. I wrote a letter to the President of the company and said they were heartless scumbags and got my insurance back but for less than half-price!

    I brought my uncle to a dentist and said, We brought cash!" And the dentist happened to have only ones on him, so he gave my uncle a BIG DISCOUNT. I was so happy that I gave the dentist an extra $20! The dentist was stunned.

    My uncle is doing perfectly fine.

    I got a college girl to come over to do the floors.  I tipped her an extra $20.  She wants to be a forensic scientist, and we hit it off.  And ALL the floors and carpets are cleaned.

    I got a big box of junk from Starcrest today, and was pleased with all the 25 goodies including a nail holder,
    a travel radio/calculator and an Amish Cookbook. And three revolving carousels. [I'm an organization freak.]

  • In our country we don't believe that .so

  • Наши действия есть наши мысли...так что закон противодействия создаем мы сами

  • высшие силы задают нам рамки, внутри которых мы делаем свою жизнь сами.

  • Definitely !

    At times its not just hard work that pays off. Sometimes you need an extra energy / blessing or whatever you call, this makes a difference. People call it luck I call it an "X" factor.

    Actions always cause reactions. What goes around comes around. As you sow so shall you reap. But at times the reactions to actions occur late and some unusual force called Luck takes a precedence. Sometimes luck favors and sometimes dismays.

  • It doesn't mean 'in luck'
    I always think there are intervening forces beyond our control that govern our destinies.
    It's not luck. It's a environment or circumstances or surroundings.
    In detail, It's a home background and curture.
    I wish to write it more, but I should go my work. bye! I'm late!!!!

  • люди программируют себя быть удачливым или стать неудачником

  • Я верю в Бога.

  • Luck is another word for Chance, you can increase your chances of achiving somthing, easy example (not promoting gambling) if you play lottery and keep the ticket with you, you have a substantial chance of winning than if you did not play, as the chances of someone loosing their winning ticket, and you finding the ticket are very slim in comparsion. "just a brief attempt at an answer" in true fact luck/chance is very complicated as the question on life :)

  • yup. I do believe in luck. I do believe some are luckier than others because I believe it has to with destiny. if you are destined for something all luck is with you. :D
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