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Back to the future

If you were 12 and could see yourself now, do you think you'd be happy or disappointed, and why?

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  • Конечно бы обрадовался! Я связал жизнь с любимым делом, решаю много важных вопросов и несу ответственность за людей, и материальные русурсы...Это здорово, понимать, что путь к цели все таки двигается под моими ногами!
  • Я бы порадовалась.
  • In some aspects, I think I would be really proud of myself. I've got awesome teeth after years of insane orthodontic work. When I was twelve. Well. My teeth looked like those of a deformed rabbit. I'm also a much better speller than when I was twelve. I'm much quicker when it comes to math. I can drive and have a job. I mean, yeah. I'm ridiculously socially awkward and the best I can get out of a boy has ever been form the guy in my anthropology class when he said: "You guys are cute. You're like an old married couple." And it wasn't even a comment directed completely at me. But I have friends and am nicer than I was then. I think my twelve year old self would be proud of that. For the most part, I think my twelve year old self would be concerned for my current lack of direction in my life. And to that I have to say, if you can see me now, how about going even more into the future and checking out what my future plan is going to be and letting me know instead of being judgmental, ya? Don't make me come back there and cut off your ridiculously long, and mis-styled hair. You cause me enough embarrassment already looking back in photographs, I will not hesitate to alter the past.

  • Очень обрадовалась)))) 

  • I think I would have ended my misery right there and then hahahahahahahahahahaha
  • не разочаровался

  • Шапки...Санитарная армейская палатка..барная стойка... холодная водка и пиво жигули.... один...а слева уключина скрипит...и звучит: я убью тебя лодочник... пойду искупнусь!

  • впал бы в ступор )))
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