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Do you believe in UFOs? Do you have a gut dis/belief or do you rely on empirical proof?

Answers (529)

  • Я их видел. Раз пять.

  • Верю! И очень рада, что есть такой праздник.
    4 июля, уфологи отмечают свой профессиональный праздник -
    Международный день уфолога. Именно в этот день 63 года назад в США вблизи местечка Розуэлл разбилась инопланетная «летающая тарелка». Кто-то верит, что так оно и было. Кто-то откровенно смеется над этой информацией. Но энтузиасты НЛО всего мира теперь ежегодно празднуют 4 июля день рождения современной уфологии.
  • Я ВЕРЮ В Н Л О !
  • I believe in anything supernatural. I haven't done research on it... I guess it's more of a gut belief.

  • yes,
  • Nope! Not at all! My mom and dad say they saw some creepy lights in the sky a couple years ago, but I don't believe it. To me, it was either a space shuttle or a helicopter or something. It's really creepy to believe we're not the only ones out there and every single movie I've watched about aliens has scared me...except Invader ZIM.

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  • in a way I kindaxwsnna believe. The idea of another life amazes me and I imagine that they are much like us. I think we cannot be the only life in this galaxy however I wouldn't mind proof .
  • The trueth is out there! oh, I guess that answers that question, I guess there are so many mistries in this world and there is so much outside of this world, why wouldn't there be any Alian's, and as for UFOs well yes there are lots of things that are unidentified including flying objects.

  • I'm a logical person but I think that it's very possible that ufo's exist. I base this opinion on the way I feel when I look up at the sky. It doesn't feel like we're the only ones. Silly I know but it's the feeling I get.
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