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Seasons in the sun

How do the seasons impact your moods? Do you take any measures to ward off depression? Would you ever consider moving to a different climate?

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  • :) влияют и сильно

  • Wow.. this question deserves a book. But I will keep it short

    Summer: The heat makes me cranky
    Winter: I love the feeling of cold breeze on my skin
    Spring: Where I live, Spring is a joke, it's all Summer!
    Autumn: Watching rain fall, gives me a sense of fulfillment. But I hate those mud puddles.

    These are the only seasons I know. 

    I go book shopping to ward off depression. Doesn't help much.

    I am laughing at the third question. How can I not consider moving to a different climate?

  • Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine as children do. It's not just in some of us; it is in everyone. And as we let our own lights shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
  • I think I'm going to try to make this blog interesting by actually answering a lot of these things. Spring: Spring makes me the happiest when it's been cold, cold, cold, for, like, ever and the temperature FINALLY warms up one day and you see everybody shed their winter jackets and boots and hats and put on their shorts and dresses even though it's only in the 50's. Being in college, unlike being in school for 7+ hours of the day in elementary, middle and high school, you have more free time, which means more free time outside. You really come to appreciate the nice days outside, especially on LI, where the rain can wash away the brightest of smiles. And for college kids, it'll be one of the last times they'll get to bask in the sun on weekday afternoons before they enter the working world. Summer: Man, what DON'T I love about summer? (Oh, that's right: air conditioning.) If I had to choose between sweating and freezing, I'd choose sweating. I love sitting outside reading a good book or magazine (in as little clothes as humanly possible) with a drink. I wish I had a bigger, more secluded backyard where I could sunbathe in the nude. Right now, I just have my own wooden bench with a red, white and blue cushion to relax on. I want to get one of those hammocks that are already suspended on metal things instead of trees (because there's only one tree in my backyard), but that's a very big wish to fulfill on such a tight budget. I'm going to miss going to the pool this year because of my fam's financial issues as well. Why did we ever throw out that inflatable pool? I think I wanna splurge on one at Target :D As for fashion choices, I'm deciding to wear ONLY bright colors (read: no navy, black, brown, etc.), but I will wear black if necessary. I also want to make better use of the skirts and dresses I have in my closet. Fall: Fall gets me anxious. It's the ending of a lovely fairytale that I never want to close the book on. It's ripe with new beginnings, new promises, the same old intentions that I'll get it right this time. I treat it more like New Year's than January 1st. The winds get cold, the bright colors of my clothes fade and are put away. I glean whatever I can that's left of the warmth. The leaves are quite charming. So are the hay rides, apple cider, corn on the cob, fudge, and popcorn you can eat. I suppose the highlights are pumpkin carving and Halloween, but Halloween is never the same as you get older. I would say it's the most nature-y season of all, even spring. I guess it's because I associate with earth tones, like dark greens and browns and oranges and the like. Winter: My least favorite season. It drags on and on and on. Snow is pretty, but all I want to do is go from point A to point B in the quickest way possible. I hate the cold. I always miss out on sledding and ice skating and snowman building when it comes around. I hate everything I have to wear. The only thing I like about this season is December, because it leads up to Christmas and everything all of a sudden becomes magical again, like the summer. All the decorations, all the lights, the in-store setups, everything. There's absolutely nothing like NYC in the winter time. If you've never been, I highly recommend it at least once. I rewatch old holiday favorites on TV. I welcome all the Christmas songs on the radio, unlike other cynics and non-celebrators. Bah-Humbug to them, I say! I never fail to be mesmerized by my Christmas tree. It's just so beautiful. I am infused with Christmas spirit everywhere I go and it's hard not to smile. My heart just positively swells. I return to normal, and even a little below that once it's all over with. I wouldn't mind skipping January and February if I could. The saddest months ever. Do I take any measures to ward off depression? I don't know. I don't think so... my only remedy would be drugs. I'm naturally a bit of a down person, and it's hard for me to come up with ways to break the surfance of that. What does make me happy is making things for other people, giving things of my own away to make people happy. I also like baking and cooking, when given the rare opportunity. If I only were more creative and/or had more money, I'd buy everyone a little something. Would I ever consider moving to a different climate? Ah, that's a bit difficult to answer. Winter would mean absolutely nothing to me if I lived somewhere where it was always warm. It'd feel too weird if I wasn't freezing my buns off around Christmastime. But, I do fantasize moving to FL or TX at times. I want a pool in my backyard that is well-justified :) I haven't considered anything seriously though because I'm in no position to move anywhere. My aunt tells me that in the end, it's not going to be up to me - it'll be up to my husband. If he gets a good job somewhere other than NY, he'll probably take that chance and move somewhere else. I don't agree with any of this, but hey, it could happen.
  • I'm pissy in summer and calm in winter... I stay inside on hot days rather than going to the beach with everyone else... I sit outside in the rain on cold nights rather than under a blanket in front of the tv... I'm hard to figure out I guess... I live in Australia. Our winter is the equivalent to England's summer. (Minus a hell of a lot of rain which I'm incredibly jealous of!) I've never seen snow. There's none within an 8 hour radius at any point during the year. Summer is stinking hot. Winter may as well be. Beaches are redundant. I'm leaving. Don't know when, don't know where, but I'm not staying here. Might go to England. Might go to Canada. Might go somewhere else. Who cares? I just want some cold weather.
  • O sol dita como se sentir e os estações muda o quantidade do sol. Por isso, eu acho que as estações do ano afecta muito o humor da gente. Em Dezembro, os dias se sentem táo pequeno e escuro. Se você trabalha no dia, você só veja o sol enquanto está chegando ou saindo do trabalho. Os fins de semana são o unico tempo que você pode tomar sol, e muitas vezes não há sol pra tomar. Afora no frio, se sente mais sozinho e vazio. O céu sempre está cinza. Tudo é fechado. Eu me sento melancolico e triste no inverno. A primavera é completamente diferente. Tudo está começando e abertando. Os passaros estão chegando do sul e fazendo ruído. Os folhos dos arvores estão crescendo muito. No inverno, tudo foi vazio e escuro, e agora toda está aberto e feliz. O contraste é muito evidente. Os jardins e arvores tem cores, passaros estão jogando. O frio saiu e se pode ser afora. A felicidade continua no verão, mas é um pouco mais dificil. É mais quente e pesado por causa da umidade. há muito sol e por isso as pessoas se sentem melhor. Otono chega e todo saia lentamente. Os passaros estão voando pra sul. Os folhos dos arvores estão transformando verde pra marrom ou amarelo. A temperatura é mais fria e os dias geralmente são mais molhado. Os bons sentimentos são mudando pra melancolico e sombrio. Está se preparando pra o frio. Eu não acho que posso vivir em otro clima. Eu nascí em Nova Iorque e acho que preciso de clima variada, que muda entre frio e calor. Eu gosto da variação, porque todos os estações têm seu proprio vantagem. O otono é fr

  • During summer I'm probably most joyful cause no homework means no stress. Plus I'd be able to hang out with my friends and make new memories to share for the on going years. I'd love to move to Philadelphia or New York, y'know somewhere colder because I live in San Diego, California and obviously we don't get snow.

  • никак не влияют. хотя... хотя порой случаются обострения... чтобы избавиться от депрессии практикую трудоголизм. хочу туда, где весь год тепло. Вообще ненавижу холод...
  • The weather where I live doesn't affect me all that much, except that I just don't care much for driving in the rain (only 'cause most others are careless about it). However, I get severe homicidal tendancies when in Bakersfield during the summer. The intense heat combined with the utter flatness and NOTHINGNESS that is that place just drives me f-ing insane. How that sh*t-hole isn't a ghost town due to everyone killing each other is beyond me.
  • Как только заканчивается лето, я впадаю в уныние. ненавижу когда холдно и темно. Зимой я впадаю в анабиоз. Если бы была возможность, впадала бы в спячку. предпринимаю алкоголь и отключение рецепторов. и ДА, Я МЕЧТАЮ СВАЛИТЬ ОТСЮДА ТУДА ГДЕ СОЛНЦЕ, МОРЕ И ФРУКТЫ С ОВОЩАМИ!!!
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