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Do you bring your laptop on vacation? Is it to do work or homework or just for the joy of surfing/connecting?

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  • I pretty much take it everytime I go somewhere overnight, along with my camera. Simply for surfin' the net and to upload the pictures I take that way I can edit them when I find I'm bored or have some free time. =]
  • Yes. Porn is like air.

  • OFCOURSE!!! :O
    I cannot NOT bring my laptop to places.
    I log on to all of my accounts at least once, but thats about it.
    It's usually to talk to my friends and whatnot! :D
  • I have brought my laptop on vacation. It wasn't to do homework cuz when I got my first laptop I wasn't in school anymore least not grade school. And I didn't bring the laptop for work. As I am unable to work. I brought my laptop to stay connected to loved ones and friends.
  • Yes I take my  laptop everyware with me.  So of corse i take it on vacation    with me specially if i know beforehand i can have   internet access.
    I use my laptop both to surff the net and  check email, but also to read storys on and lissen to music with.
    I also use it to   gather email addresses and any other contact info from people i meet that I like to stay  in concat with.
    in short my laptop meens everything to me its more then a tool its my best friend!
  • my laptop is hardly ever used for school or work related things. I use it mainly for games and facebook and to look up other5 things. I take it pretty much every where i know i will get internet. The other day i took it to mcdonalds while i was waiting for a friend to get off work and a lady walks by me and say, "you have been studying for a long time!" i was on facebook the whole time.
  • my writing is on it, and all the music I own, so it has to come with me, wherever I go.
  • Yes. I bring my laptop with me when i go on vacation. Sometimes i bring it just because i have some work to complete but most of the time it is just for the joy of surfing the web. I also have all of my music on my laptop so when i bring it with me i can enjoy my tunes. Laptops are so convenient because its like having internet in your pocket. You're one click away from any news around the world.
  • I have not had my laptop since the last time ive been on vacation but if i were to go on vacation again with my laptop in possession if i take it with me or not will depend on where i go to vacation but most likely i would take it with me. I have my laptop mostly just for job and surfing the web just to take up my time but if i have homework to do i use my laptop just as i am doing now because i have to write these livejournals and im using my laptop to write them as i watch avatar. But i do think laptops are very handy to have because they are so portable even if you cant get connected to the internet you can still write a report or anything, play games to entertain yourself there is so many things to do with a portable computer.
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