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How often do you watch TV shows or movies on your computer? What determines whether you watch on your TV versus your computer?

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  • I don't often watch films on my PC, but I do watch quite a lot of TV through it by sheer dint of the fact that I am mainly interested in British TV and download almost all my favorite programs from various bittorrent sites for viewing on my computer.  If I lived in Britain I might watch a little TV this way -- I'd probably try to find a way to download episodes of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" and a few other similar favorites, and I would watch some streaming video from our local NBC affiliate's news broadcasts -- but it wouldn't be anything like how it is now.  There is simply no equivalent to the UK's "Ashes to Ashes" , "Life on Mars", "Who Do You Think You Are?", "Loose Women", "Have I Got News for You", "Never Mind the Buzzcocks", "Room 101", "Worzel Gummidge", "Auf Wiedersehen, Pet", "Top of the Pops", "South Bank Show", "This is Your Life", "Blankety Blank", "Swap Shop", "Old Grey Whistle Test", "Panorama", "Question Time", "Mastermind", "University Challenge"... I could go on.
  • I watch it daily, if the computer doesn't shutdown first. the TV at the dorm is not mine though i ask sometimes to use it. mostly i watch the computer for the MSNBC prime time news

  • I know people who watch ALL their tv and movies on the computer. But for me there is nothing better than a bowl of popcorn and the family on the couch watching the actual television set. I don't watch a lot of tv however. Usually just in the evening for a hour or so with my dad as a way to unwind. We don't watch on the computer because that pulls us further apart.  
    The shows I DO watch faithfully however are Supernatural, House MD, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Life Unexpected. The only reason I'll watch one of these on my computer is if I missed it or my DVR was canceled. I usually only watch one episode on my computer every two months or so. Its a pretty rare event. 
  • I watch Netflix Instant Streaming on my computer while I'm at work, and sometimes at home. Generally at home, I prefer to watch movies on a bigger screen. But I don't have any way of connecting my Netflix to my TV, so if I want to watch an Instant Stream movie, I have to watch on my laptop which isn't that big of a deal since it has a pretty good picture.

  • i never watch tv/movies on my computer, watching tv shows and movies (whether on dvd or not) i always watch on the tv screen.  it just doesn't have the same effect for me if i watch it on my laptop.  it doesn't feel the same, and i can't get into the show/movie as well as i can sitting on a comfortable piece of furniture with a mad nice purple blanket, a snack, and some milk, watching it on the television.
  • If I miss my Tues/Wed/Thur shows for class (which is every week this semester) I watch my shows online over the weekend.

  • Not many times only when I deemed it necesary .  I usually watch on TV but if I miss it, because of my DVR or my brothers messing up with my DVR then I watch the show on the computer. Also if is an old show that is no longer broadcast on TV, I watch it on the computer.

  • I watch TV shows a lot on my computer.  Whenever my mom is working in the home office I will usually watch TV on my computer.  If she isn't working in the office ill usually watch TV on the TV.  Ill also watch TV on the TV if I am eating something.  Which that is usually always.  We have a table there that I put my food on.  Ill also watch TV on my computer if I feel like just laying on my bed with my laptop.  I use my headphones when I watch TV on my laptop.  It is really cool.        
  • I never watch a movie on my pc. I think watching a movie on pc is kinda stupid. Unless you are traveling somewhere where you wont have access to a dvd player & tv. As for watching a TV show on the pc... only time I will ever do that is if: 1) i dont own the show on dvd 2) show isnt on dvd yet 3)show is not a show that re-runs or 4) i missed part an episode and want to see it now and cant wait for the re-run. I hate how everyone is putting everything online and on the pc. We are getting too dependant on just one item. TV shows should stay on TV, Movies should stay on DVD n TV n at theaters and PC stuff should stay on PC.

  • Pretty often i watch tv or movies online. mostly tv. i like to stretch out and get comfy for movies and its hard to do that with a laptop. really what determines if i watch a show on my laptop is if i missed/forgot to watch it on tv. lol.
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