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Animal magnetism

What animal best represents your inner spirit? If you had to wake up as an animal, which one would you choose, and why? Are your two answers the same? Why or why not?

Answers (744)

  • A bouncy, enthusiastic puppy.

  • A Sheep with a Good Shepherd. 

    We Your people and the sheep of Your pasture will give thanks to You forever; To all generations we will tell of Your praise. Ps 79:13


  • Wolf for sure, I am wolf by heart and spirit

  • Наверное Кот наиболее отражает мою сущьность. Я мягкий и пушистый по натуре, Ну а если меня "мучать-обижать" Надо помнить, что и и у белого пушистого котёнка есть острые коготки и зубки)))

    Думаю быть я хотел бы тоже Котом... Почему ну наверное кошачий характер ближе мне по духу.
  • Лев....

  • Я не знаю на какое животное я похож! по -разному можно сказать! Мне почему-то кажется, я правда не знаю почему, что я в прошлой жизни был животным - был бараном!

    Сейчас животным быть не хочу, потому что осознал, что человеком быть намного лучше! У человека есть то, что нету у животного! Человек может выбирать то, чем ему заняться! А у животного в основном все продиктовано природными инстинктами! Человеком быть хорошо потому, что можно познать жить намного больше, намного больше опыта от жизни получить, чем получит животное!

    Я в детстве бы хотел стать одним животным. Меня один врач один раз спросил, если бы у тебя была возможность стать животным, то кем бы ты стал - я ответил, что хотел бы быть Орлом! Она спросила, а почему? А я ответил - что хотел бы просто парить в воздухе и с высоты смотреть на мир! Наслаждаться этим полетом, парением в воздухе!

    Вот так!
  • A Dianoga. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Dianoga

  • Домашний кот ,но не кастрированый, Котороговыпускают погулять...

  • Starting out as usual NOT as the question asks.
    OK so like last year I saw the fight club.
    don't see it if you are still a fight club virgin.
    most discusting thing I probably have seen. 

    but i loved it.
    but i hated it.  

    But still the most important thing I got out of it was an amazing sense of self repect.
    no, not really.
    I freaked out.
    I once again will not go into detail.
    But there was one most bothersome point.
    The penguin was is spirit animal.
    or whatever.
    I thought that the spirit animial was the geyest animal ever.
    It does not count as a spirit animal.
    What kind of spirit does a penguin even have?

    The most I know about them is that the fathers for emperor penguins protect the eggs while mothers go hunt for food for a really long time.
    I also know that I tried to boycott Happy Feet because I love Hugh Jackman and in that movie there was only his voice.
    it was not fair.
    Also the girls just jump off huge ice cliff.

    So basically I need really love penguins now.
    I even am an honorary penguin.
    I'm not really sure how it started.
    Something to do with that thing edward cullen (that's right he doesn't get his name capitalized).
     you know when he gets upset about possibly having to move to the artic or whatever because the only animal to eat would be penguins.

    SO pretty much one time I spelled my sister's name wrong.
    Emu not Emmy. 
    So she is the emu.
    and I'm the penguin.
    She even got me a stuffy penguin as a present when she went away last summer. 
    but then she kept it cuz she thought it was too cute.
    It's name is pnemo because one of it's fins is shorter than the other and it's a penguin.
    i think.

    As usual i have forgotten what i really wanted to say.
    and it's like really late.
    and i still have to write myspace sometime soon. 
    about greeks which i can't even finish this episode of.
    good night
    i will edit and add mostlikely in the morning. 


    so it's 11:30 am march 16, 2010

    i also wanted to say that while I love penguins I think my spirit animal is an elephant.
    elephants are big mammals.
    they are strong.
    they are graceful.
    they are herd animals.
    and they travel in lines connecting their trunks and tails.
    I would do that had I a trunk or tail.

    I love elephants.
    I have a growing collection of mini statues and stuffy elephants.
    I have elephant book ends.
    I have a ty elephant.
    it's kinda like one that I got for my mom one time but mine is bigger.

    im getting bored.. and have been looking at this page for almost 3 and a half hours.
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