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What Winter Means To Me

What does winter mean to you?

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  • The small of cinammon, Christmas, my birthday's not far away
  •  awsomeness no skool (hell yea!) , cold weather witch i find caliaming hopfuly some rain and snow with thumberstoms wich i also enjoy, yummy food to eat while i get to stay up late watching tv and lisoning to MCR on th computer.
  • Winter reminds me of fresh, clean... this brand new beginning. Everything is practically frozen so I think about the person I love warming me up... hot cocoa... wrapped in many many blankets. Crisp air to breathe. Dew on leaves. Your breath fogging. Looking even more pale than you already are. The Nutcracker... which then makes me think of ballet, which starts a whole new kind of happiness. Three sweaters, two scarves, my dove hat, and my sleek black gloves. This reason, this purpose... to look at the day in a new perspective, and smile for what you have.

  • Winter is the time of my birth. Many people feel tired for lack of sunlight, but I always felt wonderful. The feeling of the world in solemn sleep all around you, crisp, clean, and pure.
  • For me, it means getting out my heavy winter clothes (my favorite clothes :3), which usually go along with the festive occasions around that time of year - i.e. my eccentricites really come out this time of year because I can double up as much as I want with all my lovely velvet and frills-ness (yeah, the Third Doctor tis me XD).   

    Winter also means the availability of extraordinary amounts of holiday chocolates and treats at the stores, most of which I can't get in the summer months so stocking up at this time IS essential.  

    This season is also about seeing people you don't normally see at other times of the year, some good some not good.  

    I don't have seasonal depression at all, so winter is just another season of life for me.  Though one I might not enjoy as much as I do the summer months, winter is a part of the year that you just can't control so I just live with it, and let me tell you, where I live, we have teh BEST winter of all the states! 

  • Winter means cold ice and sledding. Death and hot co-co.
    Family and more suicides than ever.
  •  to me winter means people who act cheerful, but aren't, remembering my dead relatives, and hating my life in general basically. great!
  • Peace and contentment. I don't know why - why the season that brings so much misery to so many others, especially people who are down on their luck perpetually or temporarily - does so much to warm my heart. Is it because I AM still a kid, a 30-year-old toddler, and I glory in the fun and beauty of the cold and snow without being able to (or, possibly, allowing myself) to think about the reality of driveway-shoveling backaches and $600 fuell bills? Is it Christmas, when I get to see my family and get fun new toys from people I love? Is it the silence that blankets the world after a heavy snowfall, such a welcome change from busymakework noise of urburan/suburban life? Is it the lovely contrasting feeling of warmth (even when the thermostat is kept at 62 F) on freezing and red cheeks and fingers when first coming inside after a winter walk? I don't know.
  • A pain in the ass is what winter is. Live in Utah by the mountains and all you see is snow and feel cold weather. Its so cold that my husband and I have to bundle up to take the dog out. Sucks major ass.    
  • White blankets of snow and runny noses! x]
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