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Writer's Block


One last question ...

If you could select one person from history and ask them a question to which they had to reply with an honest answer, who would you select, and what would you ask them?

Answers (418)

  • Спросил бы у Всевышнего: "Почему все так сложно?.."

  • This is a very good question.

    I'd as a lot of people a lot of things. xD. I'd find a way to cheat the system and ask multiple people multiple questions.
    Hitler why he did what he did, Lennon why Yoko, Elvis what happened, etc.

  • Я б спросила у Прометея какого черта он дал людям огонь.. :-/

  • I'd ask Hitler why he killed the Jews. I mean, he never clearly stated his hatred for them. An evil man HITLARD was lol

  • Я бы выбрала Гитлера! Хотелось бы унать у него на что он надеялся и к чему на самом деле стремился своими чудовищными действиями???!
  • We are all from history. Most of us, not on a large, widely known scale. But, we are all a part of history. I have no answer for this writer's block question.

  • I would pick Jane Austen and ask if she had ever truely fallen in love? and if so why she never got married?

  • I'd bring back Ernest Hemingway and ask him what drugs was he on when he wrote The Old Man and the Sea and if he wasn't on drugs, what the hell possessed him? I mean, why didn't he stick to books like For Whom the Bell Tolls?

    Silly Hemingway. Metaphors are better suited outside of the sea!
  • I would ask Einstein if he ever regretted anything about his love-life, and if so, why?
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