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What's the first major news event that you remember hearing about as a child? Where did you learn about it? How did it impact your world view?

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  • There were/are probably tons but I only really remember 9/11. There was wars but I was little when the first Desert Storm was going on but 9/11? Hit me hard.  I mean I was in school at the time and it shocked me to see someone do this to our country.  I graduated two years later but at 17 finding out that someone litterally destroyed our country by killing all those people?  Harsh, which makes me recall Colombia and the other shootings.  How can people just kill because they don't have anyone on their side?  How can you destroy lives, your own included just for death?  Death to me is creepy but I understand it in war, not when someone does it for really no reason, just to do it.  To hurt themselves, their families, and others.
  • The Iran Contra Affair. I remember Oliver North being tried on television and there being nothing to watch. I don't remember seeing the Challenger on TV, or anything that noteworthy. Just Oliver North hogging the television. And I remember Reagan's talking head. You'd think I'd remember the Berlin wall coming down, but what I remember more clearly is Peter Jennings showing clips of riots where people threw rocks and policemen in helmets and face shields. I don't even know what country it was happening in. Also, I remember the strange name of Dukkakis and Tammy Faye Baker. But I vividly recall watching Knight Rider, The Incredible Hulk and the A-Team. How's that for priorities?

  • First major news i remember would have to be the Springfield shooting. i was in Elementary School,  came home after school and my grandma had the news on CNN or something. I didn't full understand what had happend. And how very real some like that could happen anyway.

    second one would have to be 9/11 I was in Middle School then. I woke up in the morning to turn on the radio to listen to the morning banter  on the latest pop station. Insted of being greeted with familar voices or ads, i woke to a guy talking loudly about people running over the bridge. i was young and didn't care, i was just mad my morning radio was off. i went and complained to my grandma, she just told me that something happend in New York. it wasn't until i got to school i kind of got a sense of what had happend.  Being on the west coast and having no connections to New York it didn't impact me emotionaly until i was older.  Just recently I kind of understand a fraction of how  devastating it was after view the movie Remember Me.  but it's impacts everyone one way or another still to this day.

  • There are two that I remember very vividly. 

    (08/11/1999 - 8 YEARS OLD)
    The first, we were sitting in a subway shop eating our subs, my mom, my dad, my baby brother --who was 3--, and I... 
    My dad gets a call from my grandma telling him that we need to leave now. (this was when I lived in Utah.)

    I had no idea what was going on at that point, but my dad whispered into my Mom's ear and they were picking us and our food up and hurrying out the door. I remember that I was buckled into my seat. And my dad was speeding away. I was sent to my room when we got home, but wasn't told why. So I sat in the hallway and listened to what my parents were listening to on the news. 

    There was a tornado in Utah. I was only 8 years old, I was freaking out and scared, my mother was pregnant. (My baby sister was born in October of that year.) Utah NEVER had tornado's. I remember that the tornado was on the news for years after that, They would keep going back to that tornado. . . and then

    (09/11/2001 - 10 YEARS OLD)Second, I remember that I was late for school on this day. My family did not watch morning news and it was rare for us to listen to the radio on the way to school. I was in 5th grade and late for class. I remember walking in and everyone was talking. Usually current events took a matter of minutes at the beginning of the day and here I was, as late as I was, and they were still talking about it. I don't think this should have been something that was talked about in schools. 

    I remember that mom came and picked us up early from school that day. We went over to my aunts apartment and she had the news on. I remember being so frightened and crying as I watched a film clip that the news station kept playing again and again. Someone was setting the American flag on fire. It wasn't that it was the American flag, it wasn't that it was played over and over--because the tornado news was as well-- it was that people kept talking about war, and people dying. And then there was smoke on the screen, and there was pictures of a building I didn't recognize, and there were people everywhere. I had no idea what was happening, but I knew something was WRONG. 

    I remember that my little brother and sister were playing with my cousins, and I couldn't join them. I was too confused about what was happening on the television before me. 

    We are still in this war, and these are the 2 events that bring about really upsetting memories. Some more personal then others. And a lot of them have nothing to do with these 2 dates, but just my past. 

    Maybe I will fill some of that in at a later date, but until then. This is all I have to say. 

  • The first major event I remember hearing about was the Challenger exploding.  I was six, and I was in first grade.  We were in the school library with all the first graders watching the Challenger take-off.

    I don't remember much, but I remember it was the first time a major event in the world made me cry.  All the teachers were really upset, but most of the kids in the class didn't understand what had happened.
  • Помню, как узнала, что убили Влада Листьева... Мне нравилось смотреть Поле Чудес с ним и какие-то другие (взрослые) передачи. И я была в шоке от его смерти. Я не понимала, как так можно взять и убить такого хорошего человека. И вообще я раньше не знала, что людей убивают так просто - не на войне... Было очень жаль его. Помню, как по телевизору постоянно крутили передачи про него, говорили какая это большая потеря, в новостях все рассказывали, что убийца не найден и т.д. и т.п. Как это на меня повлияло? Даже не знаю... Но это было первое общественное событие, которое так меня впечатлило и запомнилось навсегда
  • 2000 лет Ташкенту - юбилей города, отмечавшийся в 1980 году (мне было 3 года). Поскольку мама работала на киностудии "Узбекфильм", которая снимала репортаж об этом знаменательном событии, мимо меня (несмотря на мой юный возраст) оно не прошло незамеченным. Более того, я (вместе с братом и родителями, разумеется) присутствовала лично на торжественном празднике, на стадионе "Пахтакор"! Хорошо помню рисунки из флажков на противоположной от нас трибуне) (В нечто подобном я сама участвовала 15 лет спустя, на одном из празднований Дня независимости). Над стадионом летал настоящий вертолет со съемочной группой киностудии на борту. Это было самое запоминающееся зрелище! Ах, посмотреть бы этот фильм! Был еще салют, но я боялась его залпов и смотреть на красоту в небе отказывалась, прячась в папиных коленках).
    В 2009-м году выяснилось, что Ташкенту 2200 лет) Вот так!)

  • 9/11 had a huge impact on me. I was in the third grade when it happened. I learned about it at school b/c I remember that the principal came over the intercom and told us that the twin towers had been knocked down. Since I was in the third grade I didn't know what the twin towers were or what terrorists were. we had not been taught that at school. Our teachers had always told us that we lived in one of the safest places in the world and that America was one of the best places to live. Well, when 9/11 happened I didn't think that we were safe. I thought that someone was going to hurt me. Now that I am older I do understand a lot more about 9/11 and I feel safe now that I know that there are soliders out there risking their lives to keep America safe. I 100% respect what they are doing for our country.

  • The only one i can really recall was 9/11 perhaps its just one that stands out the most but i can hardly remember any other news stories. I remember i'd come downstairs that morning and it was breaking news. That always shocked me cause i've never seen breaking news before on the the tv and my mum was really shocked. I never really understood what happened until a few years later, but i remember when i went on planes i was always really scared. When i was young i never thought about it, but i must say that now when someone mentions evil, i automatically think of those who did 9/11. I guess it was the first time when i was young i discovered that there are horrible people out there.
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