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If a catastrophe struck and you had to leave your home in a hurry (and never return), what items would you grab in your last ten minutes, and why?

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  • думаю, все скжут "книгу", а подумают: "интернет"; лет15 назад все бы подумали "телевизор", так что да - "интернет",ответ простой там есть куча книг, а вот в книгах бесплатного порно нет :)

  • i'd take all the cash i could get my hand on. and the portable radio/ tv. oh! and the peeps. they can survive a nuclear explosion!

  • Id probably take 1- ALL of my books (or at least the ones I cant live without) and 2- my IPod touch in case I need to contact someone, 3- all of my music CDs because I CANT live without my favorite music, 4- all of the money and credit cards cuz I know ill need it. I would also take 2 pairs of my favorite clothes. Id stuff it all in my suitcase as fast as I could!!!

  • I would grab my new jeans :), some extra clothes, my favorite books, my camera, my phone, chargers, Figaro because Eddie gave him to me and I love him :), my laptop (because it has all my pictures, of my family, me and Eddie, my friends), and my kitty cat Orange. And Eddie, of course. lol :)

  • My ipod and charger
    Shinee album (swear.)
    fone charger
    Dress ;D

  • Надежду...

  • Wow.

    I always hated when they asked this question in school or in groups or what ever. When I was younger, I always wanted everything, but it was always obvious that I couldn't have it.

    I have become very attached to what I have because I never really got much, and what I did get was often taken away. This is probably a reason why my own things can NEVER be 100% organized, I have to have my little bit of chaos. Though with my slight OCD its hard to live  this way. Being at college, I am slowly getting over that. 

    I would take my laptop, and hope that there was power whereever I was running to. 
    I would take my external hard drive (because of the importance of the documents) and pictures I already had. 
    I would take warm clothing incase it was really cold-- and if it got too hot I could always strip.
    I would take my asthma medication and my glucose so that I wouldn't DIE right away. 
    I would take some yarn and a chrochette hook, maybe I could make something to help later on. 
    I would take my cellphone, because its small and if there is still service it would help me locate the people I love, if there wasn't service... it would make a good projectile if I needed to fight. 
    I would take my color guard flag--as a weapon. 
    I would take my favorite couple of books as well...
    I am not sure what else I would take. 

    I am not sure I could get out in 10 minutes. O.O ...

  • I would grab my box of thingIwantincasetheresafire, then get all my instruments, then I guess some people, and animals and makeup. &toiletpaper♥
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