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Are you incentivized?

Are there any buzz words or catch-phrases--such as incentivize or at the end of the day--that make you cringe? What are they, and why do you hate them?

Answers (583)

  • не выношу слово "МЕРОПРИЯТИЕ"... просто кошмар, ужас-ужас, а не слово...

  • Почему они заумные,внедрение естественны

  • Консенсус - по-русски дословно "согласие". Зачем так сложно и не по нашему? Блеснуть умом? Бр-р-р...

  • One of the phrases I can't stand is "Why would I do something like that?" I hear it all the time and I wonder quietly to myself, "Why wouldn't you?" Why would someone do something crazy or something they never thought they'd do? I don't understand it...

  • Такие фразы можно стерпеть, если человек употребляет их в меру и в тему. Но есть у меня один знакомый юрист, речь которого перенасыщена, на мой взгляд ,заумными словечками. И при разговоре это жутко бесит.
  • Well, making nouns into verbs that shouldn't be verbs in the first place... that's a slight annoyance. What really bothers me is how businesses will change things from a 'C' to a 'K' and from an 'S' to a 'Z' to make it sound more cool or whatever... sort of like "Kars-4-Kids" and "Kidz Bop." Oh, and replacing words with numbers, like 2, 4, 8, etc. Why can't advertisers just keep things the ways they're supposed to be spelled? No respect for the English language, man, no respect at all. I wonder if other languages do the same thing in advertising.

  • the phrase your mom your face are soooo retarded and and annoy the crap  out of me. They are the stupidest comebacks in the world.

  • 'Going forward'

  • well lets see..... agh! drives me up the wall!!
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