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A Winter Memory

Describe a winter memory using all five senses.

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  • Fish Camp, Green Meadows Outdoor School - just outside of Yosemite On duty that night, I got the call to walk the chastened child back to his hiking group, who were on a night hike out in the meadow across Big Creek. From the warmth and light of the camp kitchen, where the child had been duly written up in the book of the week's transgressions, we walked together out into the crisp winter night. As the cold stung our cheeks, we walked, saying little, out onto the path along the frozen creek, listening to the sounds of the snow crunching pleasantly under our boots. It was a clear night, and the stars were out in force. The milky way splashed across the sky from Cassiopeia to Orion in silent glory, like the frozen creek below us. We stopped a few times just to look up through the lacework of naked Alder and Willow that lined the creek and gaze at the universe in wonder. Across the bridge, looking toward the west and downstream, the Comet came into view - its movement, also a frozen waterfall, and looking like a Christmas Card. On this night, a child is born. Yes.
  • Smell - the way I smell fireplaces burning in the crisp, fresh air.

    Touch - the way I touch a cool surface and feel it numbing on my fingers when I go outside.

    Taste - the way hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies can warm a cold body.

    Hear - the way the wind can pick up briefly and whistle when you close your eyes, to imagine your elsewhere.

    See - the way The Weather Channel always catches some idiot falling in the snow off of a sidewalk, when they aren't paying attention.

  • well, something like that. All I know is I got a piece of the pie and I'm content.

    Rachael sent over the lease app. for me to fill out today. It'll be official once the landlord accepts me. Till then my nerves are on edge.

    Rae & Me in google chat:

    Rachael: i think Mattress (the good Matt) is actually excited to tell Matt (Stupid wanna be azn Matt) to get the F out

    Rachael: we are gonna have so much fun getting one. that should be our initiation.. like the saturday after you move in, me you and matt should spend the afternoon going to lunch and then going to petco and picking out a cat
    Rachael: And de-Matting your room.. making sure theres no chowmein in the closet
    me: you just made me LOL all over my desk

     Rachael: Or.. in your room since youre not used to having lots of space ;D. it's like 2am and i'll be walking on it singing along to my ipod and youre like "Ummm...?" and you look over and the kitty is jogging on it with me

    I KNOW, we're gonna fight over it FYI there's a lock on your door.. in case you dont wanna wake up with me and daddy mcmacdaddy in your bed. haha
    me: haha maybe when i want alone time ;] but otherwise haha jk ;] half jk
    Rachael: half jokies

    Why life is great;

    - 2 great roommates-to-be
    - 1 cute cuddly black kitty-to-be (however I will miss my lillian)
    - surrounded by great friends.
    - major independence not like the "woo! No parents around to tell me what to do" kind, but more of the financial independence.  I miss having financial independence.
    - Graduating from school very soon
    - Being where I should be.
    - Finding an awesome guy for once. (I'm very proud of that. He's no punk rock loser).

  • I wanted to do this one too. =)
    Uhm okay, Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell, and Taste.
    1. The look of the house of Christmas eve when it's all dark and all you see is the faintness of the christmas lights. It's beautiful.
    2. Noise. Lot's of it. So many people gather at my granny's house that you have to scream to be heard over all the madness. It's something I love but could definately only handle once a year!
    3. The feel of the christmas paper. It's always silk at our house and impossible to unwrap. I hate that.
    4. The smell of Candy. Peanut Butter and vanilla are some strong scents...
    5. Uhg. I don't know.... I guess peanut butter because it's always the first thing I eat on christmas eve when I get to my granny's.
  • The little cemetery is filled with activity early Christmas Eve a crowd of mourners gathers at the side of an open grave and doffs the excess snow from their boots, before they retire to their seats. They see the great yawning open grave before them which presents a stark abysmal contrast to the great white optimistic snow blanketed across the other graves. They hear the thunderous chiming of the church bells in the adjacent tower, and feel the low chords in the root of their spines. They smell the freshly overturned earth as the fragrant rich soil makes its way into the thick December air, and finds its way to their nostrils and palette. They taste the fullness of winter as it circles the cemetery like a wreath. They hear the minister speak quietly words of comfort and joy...they feel the chimes...they breathe the wind...they taste the night...they touch each others hands... they feel the energy rise... they see the grace...
  • I wake up, i can smell my mom making breakfest. this doesn't happen often, we're usually rushing out the door to school. I turn on the t.v. Look for the news station, and understand we don't have school. I walk to the window and look outside, all i see is white snow. I hear the sound of christmas music on the radio. I walk outside, it's freezing. But i pick up a snow ball and loose all feeling in my hands and feet. I wake up my brother with the freezing cold snow ball, then we all sit down and eat a very tastefull breakfest.
  • It was cold. Very very cold. I opened my eyes, and I saw bright white. It was blinding and made my eyes water. I smelled earth and something else, something very familiar, almost like... Blood. I lifted my head up and instantly put it back down. Dizzy. Very dizzy. I slowly looked at as much of the landscape as I could see from my current position. Then I saw it. The blinding white was marred with a deep crimson. That explained the dizziness and the smell. It slowly came back to me, the sled, the hill, the wind rushing by my ears, the tree, and the crash. Oh. So that's what happened. Then all went black. No, this is not a real experience, although I did once sleigh right into a tree. I was going too fast and headed straight towards the tree. Then BOOM! I was on my back and my head was pounding. But, I just wanted to try my hand at writhing something that would be a painful experience in a peaceful sounding tone.
  • I smelled the cold air, and heard the crunch of snow under my feet as I walked to the center of the backyard. There was a compilation of icicles carefully arranged in a particular order. It didn't take too long for me to see that it spelt out Eric. I felt my heart drop, and butterflies grow in my stomach. My mouth dryed and my taste went away. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.
  • My eyes gallop and sing to the nakedness , My hands can smell the wet icey air , Up my nostrils the vision is recived of treeless branches, I zoom home, hot tea, warm feet, and hot tomatos await there, christmas reefs lit up over the street , they fade out as I ride away.
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