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What's the best movie you've seen so far this year? How about the best song? The best book?

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  • фильм,пускай будет,да он и остается- "Лол"
    книга - Фредерик Бегбедер "Любовь живет три года"
    песня,хм.. - Tellison - Hospital

  • еще все впереди, чтобы назвать какой самый лучший фильм.

  • сталкер

  • Best Movie:Inception for year 2010...The story is amazing although the idea a bit similar to Avatar :)

  • well if i say A-team ill sound like an obbessive little fangirl. lets face it i am though i cant get over it how aweomse it was as a whole and how amazing Sharlto Is.. lol Kick as was also very good but that also dables into my love of comic books oh damn am i excited to see Scott Pilgrim Vs the world. ahhh.

    As books go latley the only thing that i read when i have time to just chill and read besides Comic books are the Vampire academy series which totaly kicks twilights ass.

    Best song is tough though. Cuz anything off of The Gaslight Anthems new album is Gold seriously no bad track there but same can be said for the siliversun pickups. but the song i find myself wanting to hear alot is Rhinestone eyes By GOrillaz.  i like the beat alot.

  • Best movie I would now say: Prince of Persia  the Sands of Time. I liked that movie a whole lot. I really want to see it again.

    song: Break your heart.

    Book- Heartless. cause it made me exited for the next book even though I haven't read the latest one yet.

  • Can't remember if I did this one yet or not so I'll just do it now :P

    Movie: definitely How to Train Your Dragon. So much fun!
    Song: Rest in Peace by James Marsters. Just the right amount of rock and angst :P
    Book: Again, HTTYD :P

  • дом солнца ,ребята,советую посмотреть
    фильм теплый ,радостный 
    про хиппи : ) 

  • Лучший фильм - посылка, оригинальная и качественная работа.
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