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Brush with stardom

Have you ever stumbled across a celebrity in your daily life? Was it more or less exciting than you would have expected? Do you have any interest in meeting media stars?

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  • My closest brush with stardom was seeing the goofy black guy from the Kansas City electrical safety commercials while at an advanced showing of Zathura. I was too busy watching the movie to check to see if he was acting like a dork in real life. I also appreciated the fact that both Ralph Bakshi and the guy who played Brock on Pokemon actually replied to my e-mails. Oh, and Alice Cooper once read my e-mail on the air.
  • Brian Busby, the weather man from KMBC Channel 9 showed up at Quicktrip one time. I just missed him, and my folks said he was an unfriendly jerk. That's about it. Not disappointing, just a discovery that celebrities are human.

  • Oh Yes yes yes!!! 2-3 years ago when I was walking along Buendia near Crispa (i think that's what they call it). I was just casually walking towards the bus stop when I saw Armi and Carlos, of my first love UdD, pass right by my side. woohoo the chills. I was with a friend that time and I kept on telling him it's UdD, it's UdD huh wooah! hahaha... It's quite an experience. I'm a fan. XD

  • Paul Newman and Bill Cosby were not very nice and ignored me when I spoke to them. Its not like they couldn't say hi. They weren't doing anything...Sugar Ray Leonard and Joe DiMaggio both shook my hand and were very nice. Katherine Hepburn was pleasant and very nice also when she was in my antique shop. ...To this day I won't buy any Newman products....I have no interest in meeting so-called stars. They just happened to be where I was.....     


  • Yes i have, i was out shopping with two friends in our home town, which isnt the nicest of places and we saw alot of larger ladies dancing with a crowd round them, we thought we'd go and watch for fun and it turned out the singer Mika was there. i got very close to him and i got alot of good photos of him and my friend Alice was even in his video 'Big girls you are beautiful' it wasnt THAT exciting, and i would of liked to have been in the video too. but its a claim to fame a little and it was quite cool really :)

  • yeah, not just stumbled across I've even join them in one room, one place..like that...back in college days....they had a concert and luckily i'm one of the dancers who had the production on that concert....so we join them on the backstage....good experience of meeting some celebrities here in my country....it's fun.....
  • I've been to rock concerts in the past. I never had any contact with celebrities beyond that. You don't see much celebrities walking around in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland, Ohio is much too plain and ordinary for those type of individuals.


    Deixa cá ver, nunca passei nem vi ninguem celebre. E as unicas pessoas celebres que tenho interesse em conhecer são o Stan Lee, Tim Burton, Martin Scorcese e o casal Downey porque eles são WIN


    Recomecei a escrever fanfiction, depois de um atribulado estudo de teoria da percepção, que não resultou muito bem. Preciso de sugestões para o nome da livraria da Hermione, quem as tiver por favor avise. Além do mais comecei a escrever uma fanfic de morangos com açucar e uma de glee, isto tudo numa viagem de 45 minutos de metro para casa. Quem diria que as paisagens influenciavam uma pessoa.

    15 dias para o Iron Man 2!

  • I have met Greg James (bbc radio 1 presenter) I was a bit drunk at the time, as he was DJing at my uni's nightclub. But it was nice, it was my birthday, he wished me a happy birthday and hugged me I should have got his autograph, or maybe a professional, up on the website photograph:)

    I'm now annoyed by this thought.

  • it was about 2 years ago, but i was going into the building of my flat, and i came across Heidi off the Sugababes!

    this man was holding open the door for her and her sister, and i was thinking, OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, my eyes were are large as saucers, and i couldn’t even breathe. they didn’t see me, but i was like, AAAAAAAAHH! i’m a MASSIVE fan. they’ve signed me a book all about them, though im not sure they knew that i was the girl called agnes :b. they are AWESOME.

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