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If you could choose which fashions would go out of style permanently, what would you choose, and why?

Answers (914)

  • Ugg boots, cropped leggings, dread hats on people who don't have dreads. Sequins... I hate sequins. Heavy eye makeup. Most of the time I really hate crop tops, but sometimes they look good so I can't entirely hate that one.
  • Tying your belt around your ankles with the boxers showing, pants with words on the ass, wife beaters, courderoy, plaid, polka dots, fat people wearing super tight clothing, turning your hat sideways or backwards (that's as cool as a propeller beanie), plumbers pants, guys that go jogging down the street with nothing on but tiny little shorts, male speedos in all their forms. Overalls with no shirt and one strap hanging down.

  • OMYGOODNESS.  Those hideous clogs.  So ugly and smelly and BLECH I don't get why people buy those.

  • Так кардинально не стала бы, но вот реально ненавижу, когда девочки под мальчиков одеваются - раздолбанные кроссы, джины, истерически хватающиеся за полупопицы, какие-то наслоения из всевозможных маек и бейсболка.....Так смотрится отвратно.... Жуть. О, ещё стиль "блондинко" глаз нервирует, розовато-карамельная гамма, всякие рюшечки, анимешечки, стразики, и в дополнении образа - накладные реснички по сантиметру....
  • well, it'd be nice not to have to see someone's butt hangin' out of their pants when i'm trying to walk through the hallway. also, low cut jeans. sure, they can be cute, but girl, i've got to be honest -- your butt crack ain't cute.

  • i would make long prom dresses out of style because i cant stand them!
  • I felt i needed to answer this having worked in a high street fashion shop for nearly 3 years now. There are SO many times i've cringed as i've put an item into somebodys bag and sent them on their way. So here are my worst fashion faux pas of the last few years (and indeed EVER) 1. Double Denim As my friend said the other week, "double deniming is the worst thing you could ever do" she's right, no matter what Vogue and Cosmo tell you, it's never gonna be cool. SO whether all the top models are doing or not, remember their a supermodel and you're not. Just resist and know that It's always gonna make you look like the missing member of a butch looking 80's girlband. It's the sort of thing my mum made me do when i was little and had no choice in how i dressed and i will never EVER forgive her for that. 2. Writing across your arse I'm talking "gorgeous" or "cutie" written across the back of your 10 year olds joggers. It's just not right. As for the grown up's, unless you're orange with bleach blonde hair and a fake louis vuitton bag you should just know better. Everyone is going to look at you and say "umm no" and not because you're not "gorgeous" (although there's obv the possiblity that you aren't and thats just embarrassing)but because arrogance is not an attractive quality in a girl. Other than all of that. THEY'RE JUST NOT FLATTERING! 3. Tucking your trackies into your socks This was never gonna work was it? I know it was all the rage in the tudor times or whatever but this trend paired with an oddly-angled TN hat is just gonna get you labelled as a fail. The girls aren't gonna look twice at you (unless they're giddy 12 year old girls who go weak at the knees at the thought of having an 'older and more mature boy' i.e someone who's 13. Then you're in) 4. Maxi Dresses This isn't so much a fashion faux pas, in fact on most people they look amazinggggg my main gripe is that i'm bitter because i'm only 5"2 and can't get away with wearing them without looking like snow whites extra roommate. and finally.... cheap diamante detailing. It's on EVERYTHING these days. I remember the days when diamantes were only found on cheap market stalls and were avoided by the plague. I've seen so many clothes lately where i've thought WOW look at that....wait, is that a diamante? eurggghhh look how tacky looking that shirt is...why did they put that there!?! and, as someone who's job is to sell clothes to people. They are mainly worn by overweight middle aged women in search of their wasted youth. Sorry to ruin the illusion and all

  • Skinny jean, bagging pants, mohawks, to tight for you clothes ... send them to the dump
  • Hipster jeans must die. I once found a really nice pair of jeans, tried them on and it showed half my bum when I sat down! Not a good look. I've worn but don't really get the shorts over tights thing, it looks weird. Oh, and tights in general must die as well. I hate them with a vengeance. Not to mention pyjama bottoms worn as everyday, which is just stupid.
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